Portrait Tutorial Feast – Best of dPS 2013


Just a reminder that this week we are looking back at some of the best articles on dPS in 2013. So far we’ve looked at:


Now it’s time to move to portraits. Hopefully you’ll have some time with family and friends this holiday season, and had a feast or two. Well here’s another one for you, I present the Portrait Tutorial Feast! In no particular order:

The top 17 most popular portrait tutorials of 2013

  1. 10 Ways to take stunning portraits
  2. 6 Portrait lighting patterns every photographer should know
  3. 13 tips for improving outdoor portraits
  4. Family portrait dos and don’ts
  5. 10 techniques for amazing portraits
  6. How to take portraits – 19 portrait photography tutorials
  7. More Portrait Tips
  8. 8 Posing Guides to Inspire Your Portraiture
  9. Clothing for Portraits – How to Tell your Subjects What to Wear
  10. 5 Fail Proof Portrait Poses
  11. 10 Tips for Creating Great Family Portraits
  12. 10 Ways to Direct a Portrait Shoot like a Pro
  13. One Light Portraits: Simple Elegance
  14. How to Achieve Blurred Backgrounds in Portraits
  15. 5 Classic Lighting Positions for Portrait Photography
  16. Stunning Portraits: Manipulating White Balance
  17. Discover the Secrets of Beautiful Portrait Lighting – a dPS ebook


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