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Window light portrait. by Mat Coker

How Conquer Your Fear of People as a Photographer

You know the feeling; shyness around strangers, dreading new situations, sleepless nights worrying, completely self-conscious in a crowd, thinking that...
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by Kav Dadfar

7 Quick Tips To Help You Capture Better Portraits

Taking great portraits is a great genre of photography to master. Some of the most famous photographs in the world...
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by Megan Kennedy

My Top 5 Photography Documentaries on YouTube

Surrounding yourself with inspiration is one of the best ways to jump-start your creativity. By viewing the works of others,...
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Karthika Gupta Photography - Memorable Jaunts DPS Article-Spot coloring in photography - family portraits in red colored clothes against the snow by Karthika Gupta

How to Use Spot Coloring in Your Photos

What is spot color in an image? Some people refer to it as selective coloring. However, these two techniques are...
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by Bruce Bennett

Tips for Doing Better Indoor Sports Photography

Fast-paced movement across the court or rink, cheering crowds, the thrill of the win (or agony of defeat). These are...
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Star Trails, Minnesota, Tutorial, Starlapse by Ian Johnson

7 Tips for Shooting and Processing Star Trails

Have you ever looked at an image of the night sky where the stars leave long, arching trails? These images,...
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