Photography Tips & Tutorials
by Darlene Hildebrandt

Weekly Photography Challenge – Birds

Our fine feathered friends, the birds, make great photography subjects. They can be challenging to photograph though, hence why this...
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by Hannele Luhtasela-el Showk

Tips for Creative Plant Photography

In this article, we’ll discuss the whys and hows of photographing plants. Don’t worry if you’re not a nature nerd,...
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by Phil Harris

10 Amazing Camera Hacks for Better Dog Photography

In this article, you will learn 10 camera tricks and hacks that could help you take far more interesting dog...
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by Adam Welch

My First Time Shooting Infrared Photography

Up until a few months ago, my only experience with infrared photography was through the work of Minor White and...
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by Megan Kennedy

How to Create a Mini Photographic Typology

Photographic typologies are a unique and interesting form of photography. Have you ever made a collection of something? Stamps, buttons,...
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