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Post Production
by Sean McCormack

How to Create a Grunge Look with Luminar 2018

Grunge. It’s a great look for gritty, edgy, photos, and you couldn’t have it simpler than doing it in Luminar...
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by Ana Mireles

How to Add a Rainbow to Your Images Using Photoshop

A rainbow is a meteorological phenomenon that needs many specific conditions to come together in order to appear, which is...
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by Darlene Hildebrandt

Best Beginner Photography Articles 2017

If you've been reading over the last couple of days you may have seen these already: The Best Landscape Articles...
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Skylum Aurora HDR Creative Styling Tips by Suzi Pratt

4 Tips for Creative HDR Styling with Aurora HDR 2018

Arguably the best software for making high dynamic range photos is Macphun's (soon to be Skylum) Aurora HDR 2018. This...
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by Jim Hamel

An Introduction to Lightroom Classic’s Newest Tools

The announcement of Lightroom CC has been stealing all the thunder when it comes to Lightroom over the last few...
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Luminar Food Photo Editing - edited by Suzi Pratt

How to Make Food Photos Look Tastier with Luminar

When it comes to food photography, photo editing is at least half of the battle. Sure, there's an art to...
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