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Gone to the Beach

Christmas has come and gone and being based in Australia – where Summer is in full swing – most of the dPS team are all feeling the call to the beach after what’s been a busy year!


My one and only chance to step on the beach when I was in Australia. Perhaps the rest of the dPS team is there now?!

I know it might be hard to hear for some of us snowed in in the Northern Hemisphere but the sun is shining and the temperature is rising in Melbourne and most Aussies take a couple of weeks off at this time of year. Me, I don’t get to see the beach until the end of January and I have to fly to Cuba to do that!

But don’t fret – while we’re at the beach we’ve lined up some great content for you here on dPS so you can get your photographic ‘fix’.

Here’s what will happen:

1. Between Christmas and New Years – The dPS best of 2013 Series

Over the next week we’ve lined up a bit of a look back on the year that has been. In 2013 we published over 500 tutorials here on dPS – too many to have really taken in. So over this next week we’ll be presenting some ‘best of’ posts where we’ll publish themed collections of our best stuff from the last year.

Tomorrow we’ll kick it off with a collection of our hottest landscape photography posts written this year. Each day there will be a new theme.

2. The First Couple Days of 2014 – Reduced Posting

The 12 Apostles on the Australian coast, not the best images but nasty weather and limited time and this is what you get!

The 12 Apostles on the Australian coast, not the best images but nasty weather and limited time and this is what you get!

After the New Year we’ll be posting some great new content – but we’ll just post once a day until the 3rd, instead of our normal twice a day schedule.

Also please note: over the next two weeks you may not see a newsletter from us – but we’ll make the following one a great one!

All will be back to normal come January 3rd though! In fact it’ll be better than ever as we’ll hopefully be returned relaxed, healthy and rejuvenated.

Happy New Year!

Lastly – let me take this opportunity to you a very Happy New Year. I hope that 2013 has been a good one for you and would like to send you our best wishes for 2014!

Keep shooting and keep reading, we appreciate you sticking around!

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