So you Want to Shoot Landscapes? [Top 12 dPS Landscape articles from 2013]

So you Want to Shoot Landscapes? [Top 12 dPS Landscape articles from 2013]


Landscape photography is always a popular topic here on dPS. Who doesn’t love a great mountain scenic image, or a shot of the rolling waves on the ocean?

Image by Todd Sisson – author of our Living Landscape Photography eBook

In this, the first of our “Best of 2013” series are 12 of the top landscape articles from 2013. In no particular order:

  1. 11 surefire tips for improving your landscape photography
  2. Composing dynamic landscape images
  3. Getting landscapes sharp: focus stacking
  4. Getting landscapes sharp using hyperfocal distance and aperture selection
  5. 4 rules of composition for landscape photography
  6. 4 essential ingredients for great landscape photographs
  7. 3 reasons to shoot vertical aspect landscapes and 6 tips on how to shoot them
  8. 3 steps to gorgeous landscape images
  9. How to shoot landscapes at sunset
  10. Tips for shooting landscapes with a telephoto lens
  11. Wide angle lenses and the landscape
  12. Include the foreground for dramatic landscapes

For even more information on landscapes pick our popular ebook Living Landscapes.

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