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Post Production
Final image, color correction made to bring out more of the color of the scene, Removed tire tracks in the sand and also dark spot that was coming out of the head of the surfer. by Bruce Wunderlich

Is Photoshop a Bad Word?

How many times have you posted or shared a dramatic image only to have someone ask, "Did you Photoshop that?".
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Here I've zoomed in on a portion of another shot of the Opera Garnier. Use the patterns on the floor and door to recreate the space where you clone over the people. by Jim Hamel
12 Tips for Mastering the Clone Stamp Tool in Photoshop There are a lot of good post-processing tools available for making minor edits to your photos. Within Photoshop, there are.
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Banner-DPS---2000-(2-of-2) by Darren Rowse

How To Transform Your Photos In Just One Click

We're super-excited to let you know about a brand new dPS product that's just launched, to help you transform your.
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497743563_193508d19d_b by Peter West Carey

Are Your Photo Backups Rock Solid?

What would you do if your main computer was stolen, permanently lost, or just completely died? Did you just get.
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Fig4.jpg by Jim Wise

How to Add Metadata to Your Images in Photoshop

What could be more exciting than metadata? Okay, so pretty much everything else. If you need to find an image.
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Image-1.jpg by Alexey Gubin

How to Avoid Loss of Your Digital Photos

Nowadays almost all photos are taken using various digital devices. In the era of paper photos, the main photo destructors.
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pic1.jpg by Chris Yiu

Tips for Enhancing Night Sky Photography in Photoshop

You will learn some important steps of enhancing a night sky photo in this tutorial. It is specifically useful if.
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