Facebook Pixel DxO Releases PureRAW 2, With Improved Performance and X-Trans Support

DxO Releases PureRAW 2, With Improved Performance and X-Trans Support

DxO releases PureRAW 2

DxO has launched the successor to its popular PureRAW software, PureRAW 2, which boasts a handful of useful tools for easy RAW processing and enhancement.

Like the original PureRAW application, DxO PureRAW 2 isn’t a comprehensive RAW editor à la Lightroom or Capture One; instead, the program is a companion application, offering a series of automatic edits that you can apply prior to – or during – your workflow.

Open an image in PureRAW 2, and the program will:

You, as the photographer, do nothing – just wait for the program to finish, and export your optimized RAW files for further editing in your program of choice.

In fact, PureRAW 2 is more flexible than ever, thanks to the addition of several new workflow options. While PureRAW worked as a standalone application, PureRAW 2 can be used as an independent editing program or a Lightroom plugin. You can choose to make corrections to a RAW file in Lightroom, run the image through PureRAW 2, then continue on with your Lightroom edits. Alternatively, you can adjust images in PureRAW 2 prior to making comprehensive edits in Lightroom, Photoshop, Capture One, or any other DNG-compatible program.

What else is new in PureRAW 2? 

DxO promises faster performance compared to PureRAW, as well as support for additional lenses and cameras. Notably, PureRAW 2 features support for Fujifilm X-Trans files, which means that Fujifilm users can take advantage of PureRAW 2’s outstanding RAW processing capabilities.

At the end of the day, PureRAW 2 offers powerful, one-click image edits and is especially handy for intermediate and advanced photographers looking to get the most out of their RAW files. Frequent low-light and high-ISO photographers will appreciate PureRAW 2’s exceptional noise-reduction capabilities, while landscape and commercial photographers will love the program’s patented image-quality boost.

PureRAW 2 is currently available for $129, though you do have the option to bundle PureRAW and DxO’s Nik apps for $200. And if you’re on the fence about using PureRAW 2, DxO offers a 30-day free trial.

Now over to you:

Will you purchase PureRAW 2? How do you plan to incorporate it into your workflow? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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