Facebook Pixel The Luminar Neo Release Timeline, Revealed (Plus Program Details)

The Luminar Neo Release Timeline, Revealed (Plus Program Details)

Luminar Neo release timeline, revealed (plus program details)

Looking for information on the upcoming Luminar Neo? You’re in the right place.

Below, we share all the latest program details, including the release date, a list of editing features, plus how you can buy Luminar Neo for a discounted rate. 

When will Luminar Neo be released?

Luminar Neo, the highly anticipated image editor from Skylum, now has an official release timeline:

The program will be available for download “in the beginning of February.” Note that “early bird” purchasers – those who are among the first 30,000 Luminar Neo customers – will receive download access “at the end of January” (though it’s unclear whether the early bird promotion is still ongoing).

You can preorder Luminar Neo on the Luminar website, and for the next few hours, you can still grab it for the Cyber Monday rate.

What is Luminar Neo?

Luminar Neo Portrait Bokeh AI

Luminar Neo is an advanced photo editor from Skylum, which will feature an AI-driven workflow greater than both its predecessors, Luminar AI and Luminar 4.

While Luminar Neo will feature the standard set of image editing tools, including exposure adjustments, color adjustments, cropping, and cloning, the program will also boast plenty of Skylum’s patented AI enhancements. 

For instance, landscape and travel shooters will love Sky Replacement AI (which allows you to swap skies with the click of a button), while portrait photographers will appreciate the handy Face AI (for speedy portrait retouching). There’s also Atmosphere AI (so you can add fog and other effects), Portrait Bokeh AI (for instantly creating beautiful background blur), and Structure AI (for intelligently boosting image sharpness). 

Luminar Neo will also feature a handful of new tools, including:

  • AI Relight, which applies lighting adjustments based on a 3D depth analysis
  • AI Sensor Dust Removal, which instantly removes dust and other debris that is affecting your images
  • AI Power Lines Removal, which identifies and erases any pesky power lines
  • Portrait Background Removal, which intelligently masks your portrait subjects, then allows you to replace the background
Luminar Neo Power Lines AI

Luminar Neo includes layer-based editing (a feature that was present in Luminar 4 but absent from Luminar AI), and plugin compatibility with Photoshop and Lightroom

Also, for the first time ever, Luminar will debut alongside a mobile app. Skylum claims that, with its “mobile image-sharing app,” you can “share your ideas between desktop and mobile in one click,” so don’t expect a full-fledged editing app – but those who frequently move images between their smartphone and desktop will undoubtedly appreciate any improved functionality.

How can I get Luminar Neo?

Luminar Neo is available for preorder here.

And for those still on the fence, Skylum does offer a 30-day money back guarantee following the ship date, so if you don’t like the program, you can always return it. You also have the option to purchase both Luminar Neo and Luminar AI with a hefty discount (see the details here).

Now over to you:

Do you plan to purchase Luminar Neo? How do you think it will compare to previous Luminar programs? Are there any features on your wish list? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Luminar Neo FAQs

When will Luminar Neo be released?

Luminar Neo will be released “in the beginning of February, 2022.”

How much does Luminar Neo cost?

Luminar Neo will be available for $79 (for a one-seat license) and $99 (for a two-seat license), but it is currently discounted to $59 (for one seat) and $69 (for two seats).

How can I buy Luminar Neo?

You can preorder Luminar Neo right here.

Should I get Luminar Neo or Luminar AI?

Luminar Neo is designed for photographers looking to enhance their photo-editing workflow, whereas Luminar AI is geared toward content creators and others hoping to quickly improve their images. Luminar Neo will be the more powerful editor, though Luminar AI is (likely) easier to use.

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