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Top Gear Related Articles of 2016

Yesterday I shared 15 of the most popular landscape photography articles of 2016, here on dPS.

Continuing on with the best of the last year, this one is all about the gear. Many photographers and teachers will advise you on learning the craft of photography before going nuts buying everything you can get your hands on (and possibly not afford even). But sometimes you just need new gear. So here are some related articles that might help you out in that are:


  1. How to Clean Your Photography Gear and Keep it in Good Shape – by Ivo Guimaraes
  2. Brand Name Versus Third-Party Photography Gear: Which is better? by Suzi Pratt
  3. More Ways to Create Better Images Without Buying More Gear by Barry J Brady
  4. How to Buy Camera Gear Wisely and Save Money by Erinna Ford
  5. 5 Critical Mistakes to Avoid When Buying New Camera Gear by Destin Sparks
  6. How to Decide What Gear to Pack for a Wilderness Trip by David Shaw
  7. How to Travel Safely with Your Camera Gear by Tim Sullivan
  8. Must-Have Gear for Travel Photography Newbies by Kav Dadfar
  9. What’s In My Bag: A Look at the Camera Gear of a Nature Photographer – Curtis Cunningham
  10. 5 Camera Bag Hacks to Help You Curb the Temptation of Buying More by Sarah Hipwell
  11. Does the Camera Matter? SLR versus Mirrorless versus Smartphone by Andrew Gibson
  12. Do This Before You Upgrade a Lens for Your New Camera by Meredith Clark

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Bonus – Top articles on mirrorless cameras

Mirrorless cameras made a real push this year, with more photographers than ever making the leap over. I personally have noticed a higher percentage of students in my classes and on my photography tours now shooting with mirrorless cameras. Here are some of the most popular articles we published on this topic this year:

Reviews and field tests


Our dPS writers also did quite a few gear reviews and field tests. Here are a few of them:

Double bonus – gadgets and money saving tips

Watch for another 2016 round-up of the best of the best tomorrow.

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