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15 of the Most Popular Landscape Photography Articles of 2016

Landscape photography is a popular genre for many photographers, especially beginners. But doing it well does have its challenges. Here are some of the most read articles on this topic from the past 12 months.

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  1. 10 Tips for Photographing Wide-Angle Landscapes by Anne McKinnell
  2. 8 Steps to Great Long Exposure Landscape Photography – by Tim Gilbreath
  3. 4 Mistakes Beginning Landscape Photographers Make – by Christian Hoiberg
  4. 5 Tips for Setting the Focus in Your Landscape Photography – by Jim Hamel
  5. Lightroom Quick Post-Processing Tips for Landscape Photography – by Adam Welch
  6. 12 Tips to Help You Capture Stunning Landscape Photos – Kav Dadfar
  7. How to Use Leading Lines Effectively in Landscape Photography by Prathap DK
  8. 6 Tips for Planning the Perfect Landscape Photo Shoot – by Luigi Trevisi
  9. 5 Good Reasons to Add People into Your Landscape Photography by Bruce Wunderlich
  10. Wide Angle Versus Telephoto Lenses for Beautiful Landscape Photography – by Will Crites-Krumm
  11. 5 Tried and True Landscape Photography Tips used by the Pros by Nisha Ramroop
  12. 8 Tips to Avoid Crowds at Popular Landscape Locations by Christian Hoiberg
  13. One Compositional Technique to Transform Your Landscape Photos – by Jim Hamel
  14. Circular Polarizers Versus Graduated Neutral Density Filters for Landscape Photography by Suzi Pratt
  15. Tips for Processing Winter Landscapes in Lightroom by David Shaw

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That should keep you busy until tomorrow. Watch for another “Best of 2016” round up.

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