First Look and Field Test of the Canon 80D


Recently Canon released their latest upgrade in the EOS line, the 80D. It’s a direct update of its predecessor the 70D but it competes well in many areas when compared to the older 5D Mark III, and the 7D Mark II bodies.

See what Chris and Jordan from The Camera Store think as they put the Canon 80D through various tests.

It has some great dynamic range, focus pull features while doing video, and a rotating tilting screen. The guys feel that the 80D is the best DSLR in the Canon range right now, and that it’s a step in the right direction for Canon.

What are your thoughts? Have you tried it out?

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  • lovingthelife08

    I absolutely love my 80D! It’s like night and day from my T4i, and seems as if you can hardly take a bad photo while using it. It certainly has made taking photos exciting again for me.

  • Steve

    I love my 70Ds…I have 3 and use the heck out of them for photography and video….Haven’t gotten my hands on an 80D yet but will soon. My cameras have been fantastic workhorses taking pics that I would stand next to the full frames anytime and the ease of video is out of this world. I have been extremely happy with the auto focus too, so the 80D is is going to have to give me more than a headphone input and is really gonna have to blow me away with quality, in order for me to make the big, pricey switch, but if it does, I certainly will!

  • Bernie Ryan

    I upgraded from a T3i to the 80D. Haven’t had a chance to use the 80D a lot yet (I’m going to Ireland in August and plan on taking the 80D and its 18-135 lens with me), but so far I’m impressed with what I’ve seen. The one difficulty I’m having with the 80D is with the focus; not really understanding all the different focus points and when to use which one. Anyone know of any “simple” directions that will help me learn the whole focus process. Thanks much.

  • walwit

    I hope this help.

  • Bernie Ryan

    Thanks for the chart; it helps explain the different focus methods. I took some photos of the blooms on my Mom’s clematis and was disappointed in that 2 or more blooms would be in focus while the 3rd bloom would be out of focus (soft). I took the photos using Single-point AF. What did I do wrong?

  • walwit

    Advice would be more precise if you show the photo, but anyway, I think that if you had a wide aperture only a limited area of your picture resulted in focus. Try a narrow aperture, perhaps f/11 or f/16.

  • Karin De Oliveira

    Hello!, Do you guys recommend this camera fro travels? Im searching for an small camera to take urban pictures and portraits, please advise! txs!

  • Mark T

    I have an EOS700d and various lenses including the 100mm F2.8 Macro lens. What benefit would I get from upgrading to an 80d please? I do some long exposure, and low light work and some of those images are a bit on the grainy side.


  • Hi. I’m considering upgrading to the 80D. I already have an 18mm-135mm EF IS lens. Is it worth getting the 18-135 EF-S lens that’s compatible with the new Power Zoom Adapter? I could just get the 80D body and use my current lens -I hate to spend the additional $$ on a lens that is essentially the same focal lengths as one I already have. Any thoughts?

  • vinnie-moore

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  • karl

    Hi from Peru, im new in photography, i´ll buy a canon 80d, could you help me please to choose a good and cheap flash light? i saw this option at Amazon:

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