DIY Photography Hacks and Accessories You Can Make at Home

DIY Photography Hacks and Accessories You Can Make at Home


Everyone loves buying new gear, but not the bills that go with it. So why not try making some of your own accessories? Here are three videos that will give you some ideas for DIY photography hacks you can make at home.


This first one is from the guys over at COOPH (Cooperative of Photography). They present for you:

9 Easy Tricks and Hacks to Up Your DIY Photography Game

I won’t give it all away, you have to watch the video. But they make some pretty cool stuff including a bokeh wall, a shower curtain diffuser, and a pinhole camera.

6 DIY Filters from Sony

Sony brings us six ways to make DIY filters to soften and shape the light. These are fun!

And finally, . . .

7 Tricks everyone with a camera should know

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