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Here I've zoomed in on a portion of another shot of the Opera Garnier. Use the patterns on the floor and door to recreate the space where you clone over the people. by Jim Hamel
12 Tips for Mastering the Clone Stamp Tool in Photoshop There are a lot of good post-processing tools available for making minor edits to your photos. Within Photoshop, there are.
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Graphic2-InitialChanges by Jim Hamel

How to Blend in Adjustments Using Layer Masking in Photoshop

In a recent article called: Getting Started with Layer Masks in Photoshop – a Beginners Tutorial, I showed you the basics of layer.
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Patch-tool-highlighted-in-Tools-panel by Sarah Hipwell

How to Use the Patch Tool in Photoshop

There are tools in Photoshop that I use more than others, and some not at all. The Patch tool is.
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HDR merge in Lightroom by Andrew S. Gibson

Step by Step How to Use HDR Merge in Lightroom

There are lots of plug-ins that you can use with Lightroom to create High Dynamic Range (HDR) images. Photomatix and.
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Understanding the HSLPanel for Beginners by Adam Welch

Understanding the HSL Panel in Lightroom for Beginners

There are many things involved in post-processing an image, that might seem a little bit daunting at first. That doesn't.
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special-effects-sunflare-photoshop-tutorial (2) by Lily Sawyer

2 Quick Ways to Add a Sunflare in Photoshop

Sunflares can make an otherwise dull image, look pretty dramatic. It's very tricky to get good images of a sunflare.
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lightroom-noise-reduction-scene-no-noise-reduction-100-percent-before-after by Simon Ringsmuth

Tips for Removing Digital Noise in Lightroom

One of the most significant advantages that modern cameras have over their film-based counterparts of days gone, by is their.
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