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Karthika Gupta Albert Hall Jaipur India at Sunset with pigions-1 by Karthika Gupta

Tips for Quick Photo Editing in the Field

In today's world of fast and super fast consumption of everything, perhaps photography and photographers are an anomaly in that...
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by Adam Welch

How to Get the Most from Lightroom Presets

Where should I start when talking about Lightroom presets? The subject has been covered so many different ways by so...
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by Ana Mireles

How to Add a Lens Flare Effect in Photoshop

Do you put a hood on your lens to avoid lens flare? Are you always moving and reframing so that...
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by Derrick Story

Easy Color Grading With LUTs and Luminar 2018

Focusing on color can help you communicate style and emotion. This approach is often referred to as color grading. Color...
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