Photography Tips & Tutorials
by Herb Paynter

Why You and Your Camera Do Not Always See Eye to Eye

Your camera captures images with the potential of over 4000 tones between black and white (if captured in grayscale) or...
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by Jackie Lamas

How to Find and Use Natural Reflectors for Portraits

Natural light is one of the simplest ways to create beautifully lit portraits, without having too much equipment or worrying...
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by Stacey Hill

Composition Checklist for Beginners

At a recent meetup with several photographers, during a discussion on composition, one of the beginners commented: "Why isn't there...
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by Darlene Hildebrandt

Weekly Photography Challenge – Spring

It must be nice enough in your area to get out shooting again - so this week's photography challenge is...
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by Simon Bond

How to Create a Dynamic Light Painting Portrait

Do you want a bit of action and dynamism in your portrait photography? Using your strobe to light your model...
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by Tom Mason

Tips for Photographing Patterns in Nature

Photographing natural patterns is a fantastic project to work on as a outdoor photographer. The process of exploring patterns not...
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