Facebook Pixel 18 of the Most Popular Portrait Articles on dPS in 2016

18 of the Most Popular Portrait Articles on dPS in 2016

Earlier this week we shared some other popular articles from 2016. Check those out here:

To continue on with the best of, let’s take a look at portrait articles. Here are some of the most-read to help you with your portrait photography.

18 of the Most Popular Portrait Articles on dPS in 2016

  1. 11 Steps for Basic Portrait Editing in Lightroom; A Beginner’s Guide
  2. How to Avoid Fake Smiles in Your People Photography
  3. Good Crop Bad Crop; How to Crop Portraits
  4. How to Make Colors Pop in Your Portraits; Without Using Photoshop
  5. 24 Portrait Lighting Setups [Cheat Sheet]
  6. How to Pose and Angle the Body for Better Portraits
  7. How to Create Awesome Portrait Lighting with a Paper Bag an Elastic Band and a Chocolate Donut
  8. 5 Tips for Taking Better Portraits in Nature
  9. How to Use Portrait Angles More Creatively: A Visual Guide
  10. How to Find Great Backgrounds for Outdoor Portraits
  11. 5 Secrets for Finding Great Indoor Portrait Locations
  12. 10 Tips for Doing Your First Family Portrait Session
  13. How to Do a One Light Portrait Setup and Use it as Your Back-up Plan
  14. Tips for Taking Candid Portraits of People
  15. Comparing a 24mm Versus 50mm Lens for Photographing People
  16. 8 Tips to Help Make People Comfortable for Their Portrait Session
  17. Photographing People: To do Styled Portraits or Not?
  18. 10 Tips to Help You Create Unique Storytelling People Photos

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