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Newborn Photography: 3 QuickTips

In this post one of our readers Loraine McCall shares some quick tips for newborn photography.


Newborn photography usually brings the words fragile, family memories, and innocence to mind. Since newborns do not move  much in their first few months, we must consider a these 3 things:

1. Pose Them

Newborns do not pose, they somewhat just sleep most of the time. So you need to do most of the posing for them. You can tell the difference between the image above and this next image. Notice how they are both bird’s eye view portraits, however, the poses do make a difference in the feel of the images.


2. Keep on shooting!

This works best if time is an issue and if parents do not mind that you continue shooting. Newborns tend to have their own timetable and needs. During this photo shoot, the newborn wanted to feed and in this case I threw a black sheet over mom and baby and with the help of a pillow and mom’s sister we managed to snap a few pics of mom and baby peeking out of the blanket. I am sure this worked out mainly because I am a mom myself, but if the parents and baby need their time – GIVE IT TO THEM!



3. We need to be creative and plan ahead in case nature calls!
Have fun props that we can use to hide diapers. Also try getting back-up disposable changing pads ready for the newborns in case certain fluids come out while they are being changed from one prop to another.

These are just few things to keep in mind. I am sure there a so many more tips out there; please add your comments and suggestions on what you would do in a newborn photo shoot!

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