10 Astounding Astrophotos by Phil Hart

10 Astounding Astrophotos by Phil Hart

This post is by regular contributer Neil Creek – author of our Photo Nuts and Bolts, Photo Nuts and Shots and Photo Nuts and Post eBooks.

The universe is stunningly beautiful.

Orion Mosaic   © Phil Hart

Phil Hart is an Australian amateur astronomer and astrophotographer. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing him for many years, and in that time I have watched his skill at photographing the night sky grow in leaps and bounds. He has been published several times in a number of major international astronomy magazines, and his photos are some of the best examples of astrophotography I have seen. Using only relatively simple and inexpensive equipment, he combines his skill with the camera and with processing software to create breath-taking images of nebulae, star clusters, aurorae and other heavenly bodies.

I have assembled a collection of my favourite of his works here for your enjoyment. I hope these photos inspire the same wonder at the universe and respect for Phil’s skills as they do for me. If you like Phil’s work, please consider purchasing a print of one of the available photos. A link is provided to a print where it is available. To view the images at larger sizes, click on them and you will be taken to Phil’s gallery.


Pleiades Star Cluster   © Phil Hart
Print Available

Star Trail   © Phil Hart
Comet McNaught from Mt Macedon   © Phil Hart
Print Available
Eta Carinae Nebula   © Phil Hart
Five Moons   © Phil Hart
Print Available
Globular Cluster 47 Tucanae   © Phil Hart
Iceland Aurora   © Phil Hart
Print Available
Rosette Nebula   © Phil Hart
Rho Ophiuchi & Antares   © Phil Hart

A word from Phil about the technical details of the photos: “Most of these images were taken with Canon Digital SLRs specifically modifed for astrophotography. A Takahashi 530mm focal length telescope has also been used for most of these ‘deep sky’ shots while standard wide angle lenses were used for the Aurora Borealis over Iceland and the Star Trail image.”

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