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Photo Nuts and Bolts: Know Your Camera and Take Better Photos

73% of digital camera owners wish they had more control over their camera

Nuts_Bolts Cover Promo_P.jpgThese results from a recent poll of readers highlight a challenge that many camera owners face – they’re unable to use their camera to its fullest potential because they don’t understand the basics of how to use it.

If you wish you had a better understanding of your camera and how to get it working to its potential – we’ve developed a resource for you.

Discover How Your Camera Works and Take Better Photos Today

Photo Nuts and Bolts is a brand new downloadable PDF E-Book designed to help you know your camera and take better photos.

This resource has been written by regular contributor to DPS – Neil Creek and works through a series of 10 lessons centered around the basics of photography.

10 Lessons to Give You Control Over Your Camera

Buying this book – you’ll be walked through the following topics:

Lesson 1 – Light and the Pinhole Camera
Lesson 2 – Lenses and Focus
Lesson 3 – Lenses, Light and Magnification
Lesson 4 – Exposure and Stops
Lesson 5 – Aperture
Lesson 6 – Shutter
Lesson 7 – ISO
Lesson 8 – The Light Meter
Lesson 9 – White Balance
Lesson 10 – Metering Modes and Exposure Compensation


Photo Nuts and Bolts Contents Page: Covering 10 Lessons on the Basics of Understanding Your Camera

By the end of it you’ll understand how your camera works and be in a much better position to be able to make decisions on how to best use it rather than just sit in Auto mode.

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Photo Nuts and Bolts Features:

  • Takes you back to basics and builds your camera knowledge from the ground up
  • Smoothly animated diagrams, right in the page, showing complex concepts simply and clearly
  • Photographic theory made accessible
  • Demonstrates how technical concepts relate directly to taking photos
  • All lessons are written with a focus on helping you to be a better photographer
  • Diagrams, photographs, analogies and lists makes the book fun and accessible
  • Each lesson comes with homework and exercises that you can go away and DO to make what you learn stick
  • All lessons come with extra resources for you to go away and learn more about the topics covered
Sample Pages: Photo Nuts and Bolts is Packed with Useful and Beautifully Presented Teaching

Sample Pages from Photo Nuts and Bolts

Who is Photo Nuts and Bolts For?

  • Photo Nuts and Bolts is for any photographer who feels that they would like to know more about how their camera works, and how to become more confident at using it to take better photos.
  • The E-Book is directed at Digital SLR camera owners, but the principles explained apply to every camera, from the humblest pinhole to the most sophisticated DSLR.
  • You will get the most out of this book if your camera allows you to take control of the settings (including many point and shoot cameras), but owners of fully automatic cameras will better understand how to deal with the limitations of their camera.
  • This book is for those who are willing to read the manual, to understand the nitty gritty, to become the best photographer they can be, rather than those who are happy to cruise by on auto, with their manual gathering dust and their photos staying mediocre.

Feedback from Photo Nuts Owners

This E-Book is brand new but the feedback from readers is already coming in:

“Thank-you, for such an innovative product. Just skimming through the book and cheat sheet tells me heart, soul and mind went into their production.” – Mary (Anacortes, WA)

“This E-Book just got me inspired. I’m reading it at my computer, then dashing outside to test what I’m learning and then coming back in to learn more!” – Grant Thompson (Brisbane, Australia)

“I always knew my camera could do more than I was using it for and now I know where to start in doing more than just pointing, hoping and shooting.” – Ian Bishop (Boston, MA)

Brand New Teaching to DPS

Photo Nuts and Bolts is an E-Book that centres around content published on DPS in Neil’s Photography 101 series of posts but has been updated and rewritten with a lot of new content including:

  • Over 5000 words of new original content
  • New chapters covering the topics of White Balance, Metering Modes and Exposure Compensation
  • Selected reader comments and questions answered and added to every chapter
  • Glossary covering lots of technical camera terms
  • All content has been revised and reviewed where necessary for more accuracy

Photo Nuts and Bolts: Know Your Camera and Take Better Photos

Bonus Pocket Guide

Buy Photo Nuts and Bolts and you’ll receive an extra Pocket Reference Guide – a PDF that can be printed out, folded up and put in your camera bag.

It gives you hints on how to use your camera in different typical situations – so you can take the knowledge you learn in this eBook with you when you’re out shooting.

Got any questions about the Photo Nuts and Bolts E-Book? Check out our FAQ Page.

60 Day Money Back Guarantee

If you’re not satisfied that Photo Nuts and Bolts E-Book is helping your photography within 60 days just let me know and I’ll refund your money – that’s how confident we are that this is a resource that will help you improve your understanding of your camera and as a result, your photography.

Download Your Copy Today

Be among the first to secure your copy of Photo Nuts and Bolts and discover the secrets to how your camera operates today for just $29.99 USD. Grab your copy today – Payment is via PayPal or Credit Card.

Remember – this is a downloadable resource not a hard cover book. As a result there is no need for delivery addresses or postage costs.

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More Reader Feedback

“This book is, without a doubt, the most user friendly introduction to digital photography I’ve come across. I’m fairly new to the DSLR world and having become bogged down in my camera’s manual and some model specific instruction books I was becoming a bit frustrated with my inability to use and understand my camera’s functions. The information in this E-Book is clear, concise, and has clarified all sorts of confusion about basic camera functions. I had a number of Eureka! moments where I figured out where I had gone wrong with camera settings in the past. I’m excited to work on some of the assignments and very much appreciate the forum support for the book that is set up through the DPS website. This is exactly what I’ve been looking for to bring my photographic skills to the next level. Thanks!” – Andrea Paterson

“This is a good solid book that teaches the foundations of photography in a concise and meaningful fashion. And even if you’re somewhat familiar with the topics, there are a lot of background and theory details presented that you don’t typically see outside of textbooks.” – Brian Auer from Epic Edits Blog

“If you are a beginner, do not understand ISO, shutter speed and aperture, or if you still prefer run to the “green little box” atop your camera, you will want to check this book out. I love the animated graphics in the book, as well as the links to more resources on the topics, things you cannot get from a print book.” – Jodi Friedman from MCP Actions Blog