Facebook Pixel WIN this Hard Drive - ioSafe and dPS team up to give you space!

WIN this Hard Drive – ioSafe and dPS team up to give you space!

500GB of it to be precise! the good folk over at ioSafe have landed a 500GB ioSafe Solo on my desk and we’ve decided to give it to one of you! (How nice are we) But let’s tell you about the drive first! This isn’t just any regular external hard disk drive, it’s “special” – What makes it special, you say? Let me list some specifications for you…

ioSafe Solo 500 GB Fireproof and Waterproof External Hard Drive with 1 Year Data Recovery Service

  • 500GB
  • Fireproof!
  • Waterproof!
  • Comes with “data recovery service”

Are you seeing some differences between this little (big!) guy and your average external disk drive?

ioSafe Solo 500GB

ioSafe Solo 500GB

“The rugged desktop ioSafe Solo hard drive brings disaster protection to a price range that everyone can afford. With capacities from 500GB to 1.5TB, the ioSafe Solo can safely protect precious digital family photo albums, MP3 music libraries and days of video memories. For business, the ioSafe Solo hard drive is a great way to protect customer databases or to secure regulated information including patient records (HIPAA, Sox, etc) or credit card information (PCI regulated). Businesses use the Solo hard drive as a backup and storage device, no longer worrying about data loss from moving computer tapes and files offsite. Like other ioSafe disk drives or storage systems, the Solo hard drive is for Mac or PC and uses patented technology including FloSafe air flow cooling, HydroSafe waterproof barriers and the DataCast fire safe insulation”

Competition Details

The competition finishes on October the 8th, after which time we’ll vote on a winner (an ioSafe / dPS team effort!) and the winner will be announced on October 10th (or thereabouts) in the dPS forums!

To enter, you need to go to the ioSafe website HERE and find out how hot and how long the ioSafe 500gb drive can stay fireproof for! Then you need to head back into the dPS Forums, Sign up competitions section and fill in the ioSafe competition details! – Simple!


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