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What Shooting Mode do you Shoot in Most?

Digital-Camera-ModesReader Question Time….

What mode do you shoot in most?

Grab your digital camera and check something for me. Look at the dial/switch/menu that shows you which shooting mode you’re currently in and let us know what it is.

I’m fascinated by watching how others use their cameras and am particularly interested to see what modes they use by default.

Are you an ‘Auto’ photographer? Do you use Aperture or Shutter Speed Priority Modes? Are you one of the few photographers who actually shoot in full Manual mode? Or are you the type of photographer who uses the preset shooting modes like ‘Landscape’, ‘Portrait’ or ‘Sports’?

There’s no right or wrong answer – but I’d love to hear what your camera is set to right now and whether that’s a ‘normal’ mode for you? Answer in comments below.

Let me share my own preference:

What mode do I shoot in?

I’m an ‘Aperture Priority Mode’ kind of guy.

I personally like it because I find it gives me the type of creative control that I want on how my images look – specifically over depth of field.

The only time that I really switch over to another mode is when I’m shooting moving objects and need a faster (or slower) shutter speed (to capture some motion blur or freeze the motion completely).

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