Weekly Photography Challenge – The Humble Vegetable


Earlier we looked at some artsy images of everyday objects – vegetables.


By Williamo!

Weekly Photography Challenge – the humble vegetable

This week we want you to go find some produce and photograph it! Think outside the box:

  • Try black and white
  • Shoot macro
  • Go for an abstract
  • Backlight it
  • Light paint it

By samandel.com


By Flavio~

Lynn Friedman

By Lynn Friedman

Amelia Crook

By Amelia Crook


By woodleywonderworks

Tristan Bowersox

By Tristan Bowersox

Gillie Rhodes

By Gillie Rhodes

Tim Geers

By Tim Geers

Jar []

By jar []

Share your images below:

Simply upload your shot into the comment field (look for the little camera icon in the Disqus comments section) and they’ll get embedded for us all to see or if you’d prefer upload them to your favourite photo sharing site and leave the link to them. Show me your best images in this week’s challenge. Sometimes it takes a while for an image to appear so be patient and try not to post the same image twice.

David Reber

By David Reber

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  • Vincent Leier

    Fresh veggies abound at this local Kamala market in Phuket Thailand.

  • Anthony Fung

    Fresh vegetables at Victoria Market, Melbourne

  • Srikanth Yangali

    superb post
    thanks for the share

  • LMRuch

    A mushroom — a wild vegetable, but a vegetable (well, okay, a fungus) nonetheless…

  • Alexa Aviles

    Pikes Market in Seattle 🙂

  • Steven Hodges

    Lonely Pea

  • Rico Mendoza
  • jsm1963
  • Tabetha Lyn Smrcina

    Pearl Onions and Brussels Sprouts

  • jsm1963
  • Debbie Glisson

    Produce in Walmart ((taken with iPhone). Same display just 3 different angles.

  • Ffaelan Condragh

    Wedge of citrus under a bench at The Huntington Library and Gardens

  • Ffaelan Condragh

    Wedge of Citrus found under a bench in the Japanese Garden at the Huntington Library and Gardens.

  • Henry Watts

    “Fresh is Best”..

  • Janet Barclay

    A very humble cabbage

  • Crystal Chin Quee

    Cut Cucumbers on a Salad Bar

  • Eliza Sólya

    Savoy cabbage

  • Eliza Sólya

    Savoy cabbage after irrigation

  • Eliza Sólya

    After irrigation

  • Lik Baton Boot

    at the foodporn

  • Sasi Kumar K

    Humble Potatoes

  • Sasi Kumar K

    Humble Vegetables

  • A really nice looking head of lettuce. I also have a series going where every pineapple that enters my house has its portrait taken.

  • Cinnara

    A cucumber, sliced

  • Matt

    A very ‘happy’ pepper from our garden.

  • urbanbuzz

    The very humble Shallot with a little Garlic

  • urbanbuzz

    The very humble Shallot with Garlic

  • Amanda Richardson

    An aging squash/gourd

  • Deen Hertogh

    Bell pepper

  • Deen Hertogh


  • Burr

    Harvest time

  • Rism

    A bit of Osmington Mill Garlic Olive Oil with added Garlic.

  • Roger Cunningham


  • Gagan Prashar

    Fresh chillies

  • Gagan Prashar

    Fresh chillies

  • Brianna

    Yummy carrots 🙂


  • Steven Hodges

    Bottom of the Onion

  • Steven Hodges

    Water drops on red bell pepper

  • Steven Hodges


  • Steven Hodges

    Pinto Beans

  • Steven Hodges


  • Dave

    Island Fruit and Vegetable Stand

  • Dave

    Dinner tonight…Roasted Vegetables

  • abrianna

    Artistic Orange Pepper:

  • Sarah Demuth


  • Eugene Shuler

    In Winn-Dixie’s produce section

  • Eugene Shuler

    Humble veggies in my kitchen

  • Sarah Ingalls

    Tomatoes in the garden

  • Cinnara

    Wonderful! A sculpture!

  • Thanks!

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