Are You Using Your Camera Wrong? 7 Errors You Need to Avoid


Are you making these 7 mistakes with your camera? Let’s find out.

7 Ways You’re Using Your Camera Wrong

Here’s a recap and links to some dPS articles to help you avoid making these mistakes with your camera.

  1. Holding your camera the wrong way – Cheat Sheet: How to Hold a Camera
  2. Not cleaning your lens – Step by Step How to Clean Camera Gear so it Stays in Good Shape
  3. Not having enough batteries or memory cards – Packing your Bags for a Photo Shoot and How to Select the Right Camera Memory Card
  4.  Not adjusting your focus point – Understanding the Focus and Recompose Technique and Getting Sharper Images – an Understanding of Focus Modes
  5. Shooting in full Automatic or the wrong mode – Getting off Auto – Manual, Aperture, and Shutter Priority modes explained
  6. Don’t use Auto White Balance – How Auto White Balance Can Hinder Your Photography
  7. Not shooting in RAW – Tips for Choosing Between RAW Versus JPEG File Format and Is Shooting RAW+JPEG the Best of Both Worlds? and finally, RAW Versus JPG – Why You Might Want to Shoot in RAW Format

Are you guilty of making any of those camera errors?

Can you think of any other common camera mistakes that beginners need to avoid? If so, please join in the discussion and post them in the comments area below.

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Darlene Hildebrandt is an educator who teaches aspiring amateurs and hobbyists how to improve their skills through articles on her site Digital Photo Mentor, online photography classes, and travel tours to exotic places like Morocco and India. To help you at whatever level you're at she has two email mini-courses. Sign up for her free beginner OR portrait photography email mini-course here. Or get both, no charge!

  • Chris Athan

    when shooting in RAW the adjusting of white balance is meaningless 🙂

  • Jurgita Pk

    Or B&W as i learned yesterday

  • George Johnson

    Is there a wrong or right way? Like most I simply picked up a camera and just played with it when I started many moons ago. I appreciate there are some very useful guidelines that will help you become more efficient and disciplined and that has to be a good thing for people who want to set off in a way that will get some encouraging results, but be careful with the attention grabbing headlines with words like “wrong and right” when it comes to creative expression.

  • Brian

    RE holding cameras – I was taught (over 50 years ago) that the “conventional” way for portraits – with the “flying” elbow was the best way to guarantee camera shake – look at lefthand image – elbows braced against the body – now just turn the camera the other way up (body over nose (I have a battery grip on mine & it is absolutely no problem) – elbows into the body and you have the camera braced. simples!

  • wayward

    “but be careful with the attention grabbing headlines with words like “wrong and right” when it comes to creative expression.”

    So basically it sounds like you are simply commenting on the article and NOT on the actual content of the post, because not a single one of those tips deals with “creative expression”…so please explain where you think it does..?

  • andrewsjp

    You are talking only to pros. My biggest rule for amaturs is to get closer. And not to shoot people standing there looking at the camera. Have them do something.

  • very interesting course i learned a lot how to use my camera .
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  • OldPom

    Please – “Wrong” is an adjective. “Wrongly” is the word you should be using. Nit picking I know ,but it jars on this old mind!

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