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Packing your Bags for a Photo Shoot

You know I write everything from experience. No point in figuring things out and not passing on the info! So here is a list of simple things to remember (or in my case, forget) when packing up your bags for a photo shoot or wedding:

Packing your Bags for a Photo Shoot

  • Choose your bag. I have a girly camera bag (from Jo Totes) and a big Lowepro Roller. I use them for different types of work. For example, I bring the roller fully packed with everything I need if I know I have an assistant to roll it around for me. It it’s just me or I know the weather is rainy (mud in the wheels!) I make sure to bring a bag I can wear on me.
  • Charge your batteries and pack the charger
  • Wipe and format the memory cards. Nothing more annoying than stopping a couple midway down the aisle so you can change your memory card and wait the 20 seconds for 8 gigs of last week’s photos to clear out.
  • Check that you have extra batteries for your flash and that you have them in a handy place for a quick change. If you’ve been using them for a while, it might be good to just change them before you head out so it doesn’t become an issue. On that note, ALWAYS make sure you trash used batteries. Even putting them in your pocket can be a no no because I assure you, you will forget if they’re old or fresh.
  • Make sure you’ve packed a lens cleaning cloth.
  • Business cards! Keep a little pile of cards in all your camera bags, handbags and put one or two in your pocket. If I notice that one of the bridesmaids has an engagement ring, I make sure to hand her a card and tell her to check the blog for her friend’s photos within a week.
  • A pen. Seems unimportant, but I find myself needing a pen at least once.
  • One of those little tiny folding umbrellas. But don’t put it back in your case once it’s gotten wet!
  • In all my camera bags, I keep a check list of these things so I can just quickly run through before heading out the door.

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