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Top 20 DSLR Models – Reader Favorites

Top-DslrsYesterday I presented the Top 10 Point and Shoot Digital Cameras as used by DPS readers and today I want to move on to presenting the top DSLRs.

Because so many DPS readers nominated DSLRs I thought I’d present the Top 20 DSLR models mentioned rather than a Top 10. I’ll also present a breakdown of the brands owned below the list of actual cameras. I’ve also included the dates these cameras were announced to give an idea of how old the models are:

Cameras are listed from most popular to least popular (and I’ve given an indication of what percentage of recipients own the top 7):

  1. Canon Digital Rebel XT (350D) – an 8 megapixel DSLR first announced back in February 2005 – this DSLR made up 17% of the total
  2. Canon Digital Rebel XTi (400D) – (pictured) a 10.1 megapixel update of the XT, August 2006 – this DSLR had 12% of the total
  3. Nikon D80 – a 10.2 megapixel DSLR – announced in August 2006 – 10% of those participating
  4. Nikon D50 – 6.1 megapixels, announced in April 2005 – 8% of the total
  5. Nikon D40– 6.1 megapixel DSLR announced in November 2006 – 6%
  6. Nikon D200 – 10.2 megapixels and announced in November 2005 – 6%
  7. Sony Alpha A100 – another 10.2 megapixel DSLR announced in June 2006 – 6%
  8. Canon EOS 20D– announced way back in April 2004 – a very popular 8.2 megapixel DSLR
  9. Nikon D70S – 6.1 megapixels and an upgrade/redesign of the D70 – announced April 2005
  10. Canon EOS 30D – an 8.2 megapixel midrange DSLR and an upgrade of the 20D – announced in Feb 2006
  11. Olympus Evolt E500 – 8 megapixels – September 2005
  12. Canon EOS 5D – August 2005 was when this ground breaking 12.8 megapixel camera was announced
  13. Nikon D70 – another ground breaker for it’s day in December 2003 (the 2nd oldest camera in the list) – 6.1MP
  14. Pentax K100D 6.1MP Digital SLR Camera Shake Reduction (Body Only)” (Pentax) – 6.1 megapixels announced in May 2006
  15. Canon Digital Rebel – 300D – another oldie (October 2003) – 6.5MP
  16. Pentax K10D – 10.2 megapixels with in body shake reduction – September 2006
  17. Canon EOS-10D – 6.3 megapixels – December 2003
  18. Nikon D40x – a 10.2 megapixel update of the popular D40 and the newest camera in the mix with an announcement date of March 2007
  19. Konica Minolta Maxxum 5D – 6.1MP DSLR – July 2005
  20. Pentax *ist DS – 6.1 megapixel update of the *ist D – September 2004

Lastly – lets look at a quick breakdown of the mix of DSLRs by Manufacturer where as you’d expect Canon and Nikon dominate the market if DPS readers are anything to go by.


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