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Top 10 Popular DSLRS

Popular-DSLRs.jpgThe question I’m being asked on a daily basis at the moment is – ‘what camera should I buy?’ Obviously cameras are on many people’s wishlists this Christmas!

I’m planning to update our Popular Digital Cameras and Gear page here on DPS in the coming week to help answer the question but thought I’d do a quick post looking specifically at what’s hot at the moment when it comes to DSLRs (as this is what many of those asking questions are focusing upon).

Note: it’s a particularly good time to buy a digital camera. Most online stores have Black Friday sales on at the moment. Here’s Amazon’s Camera sale (they’re updating it every day) and B&H also seem to have a lot of specials on at the moment.

What’s Hot in DSLRs?

Note: The following DSLRs are the most popular with our readers in their purchases over the last month. We’re listing them in the order of popularity in terms of sales and in the configuration (ie with or without lenses bundled) that they’re selling in best.

1. Canon EOS Rebel T1i

51THKreO3bL._SL500_AA280_.jpgThis camera has topped our best selling list for the last few months.

It’s a 15.1 megapixel DSLR which comes with an 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 Image Stabilised Lens.

It has a 3.0 inch LCD, full HD video capture, live view framing of images, face detection autofocusing and a good range of features.

The T1i is currently priced at $718.56 at Amazon with the lens or $631.89 body only and is a great choice if you’re looking for an entry level DSLR.

2. Nikon D90 DX

51whvQ9lrsL._SL500_AA280_.jpgThe Nikon D90 DX is a 12.3 megapixel DSLR which comes bundled with an 18-105mm f/3.5-5.6 ED AF-S VR lens.

While not Nikon’s newest camera it has many fans in our forums and it is no wonder when you see its feature set including 3.0 inch LCD (high res), Live View framing, Face Detection, Video recording Image sensor cleaning, 4.5 frames per second shooting and a lot more.

The Nikon D90 with it’s 18-105mm lens comes in at $1031.89 or you can grab it Body Only for $794.95. It’s probably one of the best cameras in the ‘enthusiast’ range of cameras and in most reviews I’ve read of it gets a very high rating.

3. Canon EOS 50D

41dYxFbKSyL._SL500_AA280_.jpgThe 50D is another mid range/enthusiast camera that is often put forward in our forums by users as one to consider and it is reflected in the sales figures among our readers. Featuring a 15.1 megapixel image sensor, 3.0 inch LCD, Live View Framing, DIGIC 4 processor and 6.3 frames per second shooting – this camera still packs a punch despite having been on the market for over a year (although no video which is becoming standard on DSLRs).

You can pick up the 50D as a body only unit for $940.89, with a 28-135mm lens for$1,131.89 or an 18-200mm lens for $1499.

4. Canon Digital Rebel XSi

51gZwAX6YvL._SL500_AA280_.jpgAnother popular entry level DSLR from Canon contineus to be the 12.2 megapixel XSi (also known as the 450D in some parts of the world).

Features on this DSLR include a 3.0 inch LCD, DIGIC III processor, dust cleaning, 3.5 frames per second shooting, Live View Framing and a range of other standard DSLR features.

Again – this gets great reviews but is perhaps starting to date a little (although is selling well according to our figures.

The Canon XSi retails on Amazon for $521.89 as a body only purchase (and a little more for a silver one). You can also pick it up with an 18-55mm lens for $556.80.

5. Nikon D5000

41cIkiUKeOL._SL500_AA280_.jpgNikon’s turn – with their 12.3 Megapixel DSLR.

It’s another entry level offering but this one a little more up to date than others, having been released this year – plus it has a few extra features and probably puts it in the upper end of the entry level spectrum.

Feature wise it has a 2.7 inch tilt and swivel LCD, 720p HD Movie capture, Live View, Face Detection, 11 AF points and 4 frames per second shooting.

The D5000 is getting great reviews and takes great images for something of this price point.

Speaking of price – the D5000 bundled with an 18-55mm lens (the most popular bundle we’ve seen sold) retails at Amazon for $651.89 or body only for $599.99.

6. Nikon D3000

517+bpHK4HL._SL500_AA280_.jpgThe little brother to the D5000, this 10.2 megapixel camera has been a popular buy with those right at the entry level of DSLR purchases. In fact at present the D3000 is the top selling DSLR on Amazon.

Features include a 3.0 inch LCD, Image sensor cleaning, 11 AF points and 3 frames per second shooting. Missing in comparison are a number of features including Live View, no automatic chromatic aberation correction, slower burst shooting, no tilt and swivel LCD. It also does not have a video mode.

The price of the D3000 will be attractive to many – with an 18-55mm lens it is $469.99 and body only it’s just $419.95.

7. Canon EOS 7D

512nfG0dDIL._SL500_AA280_.jpgOne of the newest cameras on this list is Canon’s 18 megapixel 7D – a camera that has had ALOT of press this year.

This is a camera for the serious enthusiast (in fact I know a couple of pros who have this as their 2nd camera) and it is feature rich (a true big brother to the 50D mentioned above). Features include – Dual DIGIC 4 processors, 100% viewfinder, 19 point AF system, 8 frames per second shooting, built in flash (that can control external flashes), 1080p HD video, 3.0 inch LCD and environmental sealing.

In some ways this is actually a better camera than the Canon EOS 5D Mark II – and if you don’t need a full frame sensor this could be one to consider.

Getting very high ratings – the Canon EOS 7D is priced at $1699.95 as a body only package or with a 28-135mm lens is $1899.99 (although if I were spending that much on a body I’d want to grab an L series lens to put on it).

Nikon D300S

51kaZWunFwL._SL500_AA280_.jpgIn a similar space to the Canon EOS 7D we find the D300S. While lower megapixels (it has a 12 MP sensor) it’s got a great feature list. The D300 (its predecessor) was widely regarded as the top of its class by many and the 300S is a worthy update.

Features include – 720p 24 frames per second HD video (with some in camera movie editing), 7 frames per second shooting, 3.0 inch LCD, image sensor cleaning, 51 AF points, Live View and a lot more.

A camera for those who are serious about their photography the Nikon D300S is priced at $1575.95 as body only or for an 18-200mm lens bundled with it you’ll be paying $2,427.70.

Pentax K-7

41vRKwFTgBL._SL500_AA280_.jpgYay! Finally a non Canon or Nikon in the list. We promise we’re not biased, we’re just reporting what people are buying from our readership!

The Pentax K-7 DSLR is a 14.6 megapixel DSLR. It has a 3.0 inch LCD, Live View framing, Moving Mode (1280x720p 30fps moview), 5.2 frames per second shooting and weather/dust/cold resistant body.

The K-7 has a retail price on Amazon of $1,114.95 when bundled with a 18-55mm lens.

10. Olympus Evolt E520

51bv-2WUGkL._SL500_AA280_.jpgRounding out our top 10 list is a DSLR from Olympus which will appeal to the entry level DSLR buyer.

This camera was released this year and features a four-thirds 10 megapixel sensor, in body image stabilization, face detection, shadow adjustment, Live View and more.

While it’s features are not as advanced as some of the other cameras above for its price it’s going to be very attractive to many – Body Only it is $399.92 and bundled with a 14-42mm lens it is $449.95.

Have Your Say

There you have it – the top 10 most popular DSLRs among our readers when it comes to purchases over the last couple of months.

Of course as with all of these types of posts there will be debate over whether the cameras should be ordered in that order or whether others should have made the list – but in the end this is just a list based upon our community’s spending patterns.

Is your camera in the list? If so – which one is it? If not – what have you bought?

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