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Today Only: 66% Off Our 2 Best Selling eBooks
12 Days of Christmas Begins

Today (and for 24 hours only) we’re offering 66% off our 2 best selling eBooks as part of our 12 Days of Christmas.

It is time for the 2011 dPS 12 Deals of Christmas!

12 days of Christmas.pngThose of you who have been reading dPS for longer than a year will probably remember the 12 deals promotion we ran here at dPS last year. Over the 12 days before Christmas we offer dPS readers 12 great deals on photography related products.

The response was amazing and ever since we’ve had readers asking if we were going to do it again this year.

Starting tonight – we’ll be doing it all again, but this year it’ll be A LOT bigger.

This year the deals will be huge. We’ve also got a fun central page here where we’ll be listing them each day.

Here’s how it all works:

Over the next 12 days we’ll be emailing our readers who have subscribed to our list with a 24 hour only photography deal. Each offer will be for a limited time and on a great photography product (some of our own and some from our friends).

Each deal only lasts for a day so you’ll need to act quick to get them.

To be notified of each deal you need to be subscribed to our list. We’ve just sent out the first deal via email so if you didn’t get that email and you do want to get the next 11 you’ll need to subscribe. You can do that on the 12 Deals of Christmas page here.

If you did get an email and are not wanting to get the next 11 emails – you can hit the unsubscribe link in that email and it’ll stop further emails. But don’t worry – unsubscribing will just stop the Christmas emails – you’ll still get our regular newsletter.

Deal #1 – 66% Discount on Our Best Selling eBook Bundle

OK so here’s the first deal – it’s a doozy!

For the next 24 hours we’re offering our two ‘Photo Nuts’ eBooks together for just $20 – that’s a 66% discount on their normal price of $60 when you buy them separately.

The two eBooks are both by photographer Neil Creek and are:

Photo Nuts and Bolts: Photo Nuts and Bolts: Know Your Camera and Take Better Photos

If you wish you had a better understanding of your camera and how to get it working to its potential – this is the resource for you. It has 10 Lessons on the basics settings of camera (complete with homework tasks to go away and try for yourself) – you’ll walk away from this resource better equipped to take control of your camera and use it to its potential. Learn more about this eBook here.

Photo Nuts and Shots: Tools and Techniques for Creative Photography

‘Shots’ eBook builds on the knowledge and theory taught in ‘Bolts’ and gives you some great tools and techniques to tap into your creativity and start shooting in a way that takes you away from just shooting ‘snapshots’ and start shooting gorgeous images. Learn more about this eBook here.

These eBooks are designed to go together – with them you’ll come away with a fantastic understanding of how to use your camera to its fullest potential. Best of all – today they’re less than half price!

But Wait There’s More

Today’s deal is just the beginning. We have 11 more amazing deals to come. Make sure you subscribe to the list to make sure you get the notification.

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