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thinkTANK Streetwalker Camera Bag – REVIEW

The thinkTANK Streetwalker HardDrive camera backpack was sent to me for review, now it’s my full-time, thinkTANK Streetwalker Camera Bag - REVIEWmuch loved camera bag – You want a bag that will last you a life time and carry anything you throw at it, this could be that bag…

thinkTANK Photo make some of the best camera carrying kit I have ever had the pleasure to review, and, subsequently own. I’m not going to say that I’ve binned my Lowepro’s and My Crumplers, I haven’t, They’re just not in use at the minute. I have two Lowepro bags and three Crumpler bags! My Lowepro Compurover AW has been all the way along the Inca trail and many other places, My Crumpler SevenFifty Daily XXL has pretty much been all the way around the world – They’re great bags, they’re well made and do what they’re designed to do, but there always seems to be something missing.

My love affair with thinkTANK began when I was lookng for prizes for the assignment section in the dPS forum, I sent off a hopeful email to the good people at thinkTANK and had a very prompt reply from a bloke named Brian (Hi Brian) He sent me across a Rotation360 and a Speedracer Pro – The Rotation now lives in Australia after it was won in one of our assignments and the Speedracer, Well, She’s almost constantly by my side on any music shoots or trips down the street – a great bag, but that’s not what we’re here to discuss!

The Main Event

Think Tank Streetwalker Hard Drive BackpackThe recently released thinkTANK Streetwalker HardDrive! From the minute I opened the box and pulled this bag out of its plastic wrapper I just knew – Can you say that about a bag? It felt solid, but not too heavy, The zips were stiff but not ridiculous, the straps big, but not mammoth! It was brilliant. I recieved the bag while I was at work and sitting there at my desk with a camera bag on my back, sure, I got a few funny looks.

Here are the features for the Streetwalker HardDrive.

  • Holds most 15″ laptops (And my 17″ MacBook pro at a squeeze!!)
  • Holds a pro-sized camera body (body with battery grip) with 70-200 attached with lens hood on.
  • Has a built in front packet to slip your mono or tripod feet into, or a drop down pouch for the longer tripods.
  • Contoured harness for men and women with air channel
  • Removable seam sealed rain cover
  • Upper organiser pocket for notepads, memory cards, pens and other stuff
  • Two side pockets with two stretchy pockets as well
  • Removable webbing waist belt easily detaches
  • Shoulder harness pockets, O Rings and sternum strap
  • Business card pocket on top for easy ID’ing in a press rush!
  • YKK Locking zip

inside Think Tank Streetwalker Hard Drive BackpackThe Streetwalker sits really well on my back, it’s special narrow profile making it a good one to get around in. Sure, if you’re toting a tripod on the back of your bag, you may just wipe someone out when you’re ducking through that crowd to snatch that shot of Amy Winehouse!

With more than enough space for my pro-sized dSLR and my lenses and strobes (100-400 EF L, 50mm, 10-22mm, 24-70mm, 430ex, 580ex2) there is still plenty of room to pop in a G-Raid Mini and all the associated cables, memory cards and everything else that travels with me on a daily basis or out on a shoot. Oh, and my 17″ MacBook Pro – It fits at a squeeze, My 15.4″ Dell XPS fits with ease!

I did a six mile walk each day for a week over the Christmas period with the Streetwalker (Or, in that case, the forest walker!) on my back and at no stage was there any discomfort.

I had planned on taking a video of myself in the shower with the rain proof cover on the bag, but I thought that might be a little bit too much for some of you. As it happens I was caught out in the rain the other day in the Lake District and with the rain cover on, not a drop made it into the bag.

These bags are really well thought out, designed by the people that use them, very well made and reasonably priced to boot. I have no doubt that if you want a camera backpack and you buy the thinkTANK Streetwalker HardDrive, you will not be disappointed.

There you have it.. My most favourite camera bag, in the world, so far! TEN STARS

Get a price on this bag at Amazon’s thinkTANK Streetwalker HardDrive page.

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