Facebook Pixel thinkTANK Pixel Sunscreen V2.0 Review

thinkTANK Pixel Sunscreen V2.0 Review

thinktank-pixel-sunscreenClose your eyes…. The phone rings, it’s the editor for the largest news paper in your area, he’s calling because he’s heard you’re a gun for hire and that you’re very good with your camera and a long lens. He know’s his stuff, he’s seen your work on flickr and he wants YOU to fill in for him.

It’s game day, people have come from miles around to watch the finals – there is lots of media hype and people are gagging for pictures country wide but the regular guy, Biff, is out sick – he has man flu and is in bed with a nice cup of chamomile tea. It’s a bright sunny day and you are on top of the world, the editor has met you at the ground and you have your press pass and the big bag of kit that he’s brought you from the kit room at the paper.

You’re pitch side with your two cameras and a veritable swagger of lenses… You’ve never had the chance to use this kind of gear before, but the editor tells you “If you play your cards right, son…” and you’re going to do the best you can possibly do! The final siren goes and the Cobram tigers have won the finals and the crowd goes wild! You’re off – 100 miles an hour, packing away your gear, getting your laptop out as you literally run to the press room – you’ve taken some of the best shots of your life!

As the “new kid” you’re stuck in a corner, full sunlight on your laptop screen – you can’t see a thing, but you do your best, you pump out fifty of your best images and do a little bit of post production on them and away they go, uploaded to the editor and every other person that you need to impress, you’ve had an amazing day… Until you get home and look at your shots again, the color is all out of whack, you’ve cropped out peoples head, there’s a streaker in one of your photos! All because you couldn’t see what you were doing! OPEN YOUR EYES!

thinktank-sunscreen.jpg Now, you may have a chuckle at my little tale of woe up there, but I have had this happen first hand and I have spoken to many pro photographers that would have killed for one of the new thinkTANK Pixel Sunscreen V2.0!


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