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thinkTANK Pixel Sunscreen 2.0

Have you ever been on a location shoot, outdoors, sun shining, every thing’s perfect and then you try to check some of your photos on your laptop and can’t see a thing on the screen!

thinkTANK Pixel Sunscreen 2.0I have a glossy screened MacBook Pro 17″ and I have to say that sometimes I have actually suffered from this myself.

So I wanted to let you know about a new product from thinkTANK Photo, the Think Tank Pixel Sunscreen V2.0

Processing and transmitting photographs from remote locations can be hard enough without having to fight the sun, wind, and other natural elements. Think Tank Photo has solved this problem with the Pixel Sunscreen 2.0, a small, portable spring-loaded sunscreen that instantly pops open for quick access. This completely redesigned and re engineered version of Think Tank’s classic sunscreen is the result of feedback from scores of professional photographers and many months of research and development.

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