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The Digital Photography Companion (A Book Review)

This book review of The Digital Photography Companion by Derrick Story was submitted by Sime from gtvone.com.

I sat and read this little guy from front cover to back cover and, I enjoyed pretty much all of it. In the real world, I am just passing the beginner stage and I can happily say that I’d have been through that stage a lot quicker if I’d bothered to read this book first!

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The book starts off with the basics, which is where we all start, right? The basics – Kicking off with “which camera is right for you”, looking at the differences between digital SLR cameras, compacts and there’s even a quick word on camera phones.

Once you’ve had help choosing your camera, the book goes on to explain what and where everything is – with good cross referencing to your cameras manual, you can be sure that you’ll know where everything is on your camera by the end of chapter one. Looking at everything from batteries to wireless transmitters, The Digital Photography Companion covers it all.

Chapter one is a good quick reference guide if you’re out in the field and need to know something quick! – The book is small enough that you can pack it in most camera bags and use it as and when you need it.


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