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The Complete Guide to Digital Night & Low Light Photography

Night and Low Light Photography.jpgI come from an era where, to shoot in low light, you had three options: use a faster lens; a faster film; dose up your chemical brew or stretch the dev time. Times were tough but at least you learnt the hard way.

These days to ‘do it in the dark’ you still have to juggle the lens aperture, burn up the ISO setting — then, if else has failed, resort to post processing with software.

Author Worobiec admits to a fascination when things we’re ‘accustomed to seeing in daylight are transformed … when viewed at night.’ In his opinion, the modern DSLR makes the task of photography in low light much easier and uses the book to explore the techniques you can apply in-camera and post-shoot to help successfully capture low light images.

Opening topics of The Complete Guide to Digital Night and Low Light Photography include the camera’s exposure options of auto, Program AE as well as aperture and shutter priority and manual; then he moves onto the sticky topic of RAW versus JPEG … and comes down heavily on the side of RAW. As he should!

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Barrie Smith
Barrie Smith

is an experienced writer/photographer currently published in Australian Macworld, Auscam and other magazines in Australia and overseas.

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