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The Best Photo Tip I Ever Received… What Was Yours?

The following post on The Best Photo Tip I Ever Received is by San Francisco based photographer Jim M. Goldstein. Learn more about him at the end of this post.

Far and away the best photo tip I’ve received to date has been…

“Capture an image with a sharp foreground and the rest will follow.”

What does that mean and why is it so significant?

It means display something in the foreground of your photo that is in sharp focus and the other elements in the mid or background will lend itself well to the scene as a whole whether in soft or sharp focus. By default the human brain strives to find something to focus on and make sense of… a means to put order to the chaos of our surroundings if you will. You can think of this focal point as an anchor. Having an anchor of focus to the scene you photograph is extremely important. In fact I bet most of you don’t even realize you’re looking for a visual anchor when viewing an image. This behavior is an unconscious one, but a very important behavior to exploit in ones photography.

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Jim Goldstein
Jim Goldstein

is a San Francisco based professional photographer. An author as well as a photographer Jim has been published in numerous publications including Outdoor Photographer, Digital Photo Pro, Popular Photography and has self-published a PDF eBook Photographing the 4th Dimension – Time covering numerous slow shutter techniques. His latest work and writing can be found on his JMG-Galleries blog and on 500px

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