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Taking Better Photos By Taking More Photos

Multiple-Photos-1While I’m a big fan of digital camera users learning techniques to improve their photography another technique that can help with improving the chances of that ‘perfect shot’ (is there such a thing?) is simply to take more shots.

I learned this the first time I was asked to photograph a wedding for one of my friends. To say that I was nervous would be an understatement (I’m sure I didn’t sleep for days before the wedding). I’d never done anything like that before and to be the ‘official’ photographer was scary.

In the lead up to the day I decided to buy five extra rolls of film (yes this is back in the 90s before I discovered digital) to have in my case just in case something went wrong.

On the day of the wedding, in my anxious state, I ended up using all of the film that I’d wanted to use PLUS the five extra rolls. Over the day I’d shot close to 600 images!

I was kicking myself for going so snap happy in the days after the wedding because I had to cover the extra cost of the film and processing due to my own mistake but ended up being really happy with the results because when you shoot 600 shots in a few hours you’re bound to get some good ones (and I did – quite a few in fact). The couple was really impressed with the variety of shots that I’d taken.

In the many weddings that I shot after this time I never shot that many images again – but I did learn the lesson of taking a few more shots than was necessary.

The beauty of Digital Cameras is that if you take this approach you don’t end up with a bill at the end of the day! Digital cameras allow you to take as many shots as your memory card will hold and to delete any shots that are obviously of a poor quality as you go.

Of course taking this approach doesn’t mean you don’t need to frame your shots well or use the other techniques that I talk about on this site. It also doesn’t mean you need to end up with loads of shots that all look exactly the same as each other.

In the next post I’ll run through 10 ways to shoot more without just taking the same shot over and over again.

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Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse

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