Facebook Pixel 21 Banded Images of Stripes

21 Banded Images of Stripes

Light and dark, highlight and shadow. That’s what photography is all about.

When contrast appears, an image can be made.

Let’s have a look at what some photographers did with extreme contrast – stripes.


By newelly54

Thomas Hawk

By Thomas Hawk

Mrs Airwolfhound

By Mrs Airwolfhound

Rob Deutscher

By Rob Deutscher

Michael Levine-Clark

By Michael Levine-Clark

Jeremy Brooks

By Jeremy Brooks

Sarah Horrigan

By Sarah Horrigan

Andreas Manessinger

By Andreas Manessinger

Evelyn Berg

By Evelyn Berg

Robert Keller

By Robert Keller

Gabriel Caparó

By Gabriel Caparó

Tom Blackwell

By Tom Blackwell

Jon Bunting

By Jon Bunting


By CameliaTWU

Evelyn Berg

By Evelyn Berg

Vicki DeLoach

By Vicki DeLoach

Vicki DeLoach

By Vicki DeLoach

Patrick Bouquet

By Patrick Bouquet

Jurek D.

By jurek d.


By herefordcat

Linda Stanley

By Linda Stanley

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