Facebook Pixel Sony Will Announce the ZV-1 Successor on May 23rd

Sony Will Announce the ZV-1 Successor on May 23rd

Sony to announce a successor to the ZV-1

At 10:00 EDT on May 23rd, Sony will announce a new “all for vlogging” camera, according to a banner posted on the company’s website.

While the banner shared no camera details – only that a new, vlog-focused model will be unveiled, as well as the date and time – Sony Alpha Rumors had recently promised a ZV-1 successor announcement, and the rumor site appears confident that the upcoming launch does indeed refer to a ZV-1 II. (While the camera’s name is unknown, we’ll use the “ZV-1 II” moniker until we hear otherwise.)

The original ZV-1 debuted back in May of 2020 and boasts a variety of vlogging-focused features, including a compact, portable body, a flip-out screen, 4K/30p video, excellent autofocus, a high-quality built-in microphone, and a small but effective 20.1 MP 1-inch sensor.

Note that the ZV-1, as a true compact camera, doesn’t offer interchangeable lens compatibility; rather, the camera boasts a 9.4-25.7mm f/1.8-2.8 Zeiss lens, which translates to a 24-70mm focal-length range when applying the 1-inch sensor crop factor – perfect for vlogging, standard video recording, and a range of still photography genres. Additionally, the wide maximum aperture (f/1.8 when shooting at 24mm, shifting to f/2.8 when shooting at 70mm) allows for significant background blur, always handy when vlogging in busy locations.

So what will the ZV-1 II offer? While Sony (and Sony Alpha Rumors) hasn’t revealed any specifics, you can certainly expect the ZV-1 II to remain true to the original version while offering a handful of key upgrades. Per Sony’s teaser, the ZV-1 II will be another vlogging-centric model, so the compact form factor, the flip-out screen, and the effective built-in microphone will undoubtedly be present. The 1-inch, 20.1 MP sensor may receive some hardware upgrades to improve dynamic range and low-light shooting, but its core specs will likely remain the same.

However, I would look for videography enhancements. The ZV-1 II may jump from 4K/30p to 4K/60p shooting, and Sony may pack in a couple of modes for easy content creation. I’d also look for autofocus upgrades for improved face and eye tracking; that way, focusing while vlogging handheld will be simpler than ever.

As for the price: I’d expect a ZV-1 II to cost in the $800-$900 range – reasonable enough to appeal to vloggers and other content creators, but expensive enough to ensure real quality without sacrificing key capabilities.

So if you’re a vlogger, content creator, or even a beginner stills shooter, keep an eye out for the ZV-1 II announcement on May 23rd! 

Now over to you:

What do you think the ZV-1 II will offer? Would you be interested? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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