Facebook Pixel Sigma to Release First Lenses for Fujifilm X Series Cameras

Sigma to Release First Lenses for Fujifilm X Series Cameras

Sigma to release lenses for Fujifilm cameras

For years, Sigma, the third-party lens manufacturer behind the popular Art lens lineup, has focused its energy on Canon, Nikon, Sony, and Micro Four Thirds systems. But earlier this week, the company announced a trio of Fujifilm X Mount lenses, all modified from Sigma’s existing Contemporary lineup.

And the company promises that “the lineup will expand in the future…We will continue striving to meet the expectations of our customers with an expanded lineup of lenses and mounts for mirrorless cameras.” 

While Sigma hasn’t revealed any specific plans for future X Mount lenses, expect a handful of models to debut over the next year or two, including – we hope – a mix of Art, Sports, and Contemporary models, designed for superior optics, outstanding autofocusing, and walkaround photography, respectively.

As for Sigma’s upcoming X Mount releases: 

The company has not shared a launch timeline, but the three Contemporary lenses should ship in the coming weeks or months, all of which are currently available for preorder: 

The lenses, when mounted on Fujifilm’s APS-C cameras, offer 24mm, 45mm, and 84mm effective focal lengths – in other words, they create a perfect trio for photographers of all stripes, including casual, do-everything shooters, portrait photographers, event photographers, landscape photographers, and even street snappers.

At 16mm (24mm equivalent), you can capture beautiful wide-angle landscapes, environmental portraits, and scene-setting event shots. Switch to a 30mm lens (45mm equivalent), and you’ll be well equipped to shoot everyday family photos, full-body portraits, candids, and standard street images. Finally, you can mount the Sigma 56mm (84mm equivalent) for tighter landscape photos, beautiful telephoto portraits and headshots, and distant event photos. 

All three lenses should feature excellent optical performance, and thanks to the f/1.4 maximum apertures, you can work handheld in low light without much trouble. The wide apertures are also perfect for producing beautiful bokeh; you’ll get creamy, subject-enhancing backgrounds, especially from the 56mm lens, though you can expect decent background blur on the 30mm lens (and even the 16mm lens, depending on your distance from the subject).

A major benefit of third-party lenses is plenty of power in a lower-priced package. Happily, the three announced lenses are competitively priced, though the cost is approximately 20% higher than Canon, Nikon, Sony, and MFT mount models.

So if you’re a Fujifilm photographer looking for a well-priced, fast lens (or three!) for casual shooting, portrait photography, event photography, and more, I highly recommend you check out these new lenses from Sigma. And keep your eye out for future announcements as Sigma continues to produce high-quality lenses for Fujifilm cameras.

Now over to you:

Do you plan to purchase any of these new Sigma lenses for Fujifilm? Do you have any Sigma lenses you’d love to see as an X Mount model? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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