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Shooting Landscapes with Longer Focal Lengths

One of the simpler tips that I would suggest for those wanting to add a little variety to their landscape photography is to shoot with longer focal lengths.

Image: 400mm - Image by Tambako the Jagua

400mm - Image by Tambako the Jagua

While the majority of landscape photography is done with wide angle lenses (and rightly so – it’s a great way to capture to dramatic wide vistas) it can be very effective to take a lens with a longer focal length with you next time you set out to capture a scene.

Longer focal lengths can be particularly effective in those over-photographed locations where images can end up looking a little cliched. They’re also great for capturing patterns and layers on the horizon that often go unnoticed in landscapes shot with a wide lens.

Image: 300mm - Image by kwerfeldein

300mm - Image by kwerfeldein

A quick tip for those shooting landscapes with longer focal lengths – make sure you use a tripod. With longer focal lengths, any camera shake or movement will be amplified. The longer the lens the more noticeable it will become. So secure your camera and consider using a remote shutter release of some kind.

Update: Check out our newer tutorial – Tips for Shooting Landscapes with a Telephoto Lens for a comprehensive series of tips on shooting with longer focal lengths in landscape photography.

Image: 300mm - Image by mugley

300mm - Image by mugley

Image: 300mm - Image by rachel_thecat

300mm - Image by rachel_thecat

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