Facebook Pixel Readers Share their Digital Photography Lessons for 2006

Readers Share their Digital Photography Lessons for 2006

Over at our flickr group I’ve set a new assignment for this week – to share the lessons you’ve learnt about digital photography in 2006. Some a couple of the lessons learnt so far are below:

Wide Apertures

48618383@N00xonesix reflects on his lessons writing – “I’ve learned that in low light situations I can use a wider aperture (lower number) and a higher ISO to try and get by without using the flash. The other thing you can do, if your subjects are still, is use a tripod and a longer exposure. You have to be careful though because depending on your camera longer exposures and higher ISO can introduce noise into the image. I am starting to see the limitations of my camera in these areas.

I used to just take a single shot, but now I am learning to take multiple shots, change the settings, change the angle, try with flash and without. In situations with people or motion using burst/continuous mode can be very useful as well.”

Take Your Time

52245270@N00LiquidCheese shares – “I’ve learnt to take my time with photography and be willing to wait for the best time to take a photo. I used to just go out for a walk and hastily snap away at everything that looks vaguely interesting, although that can be fun and a good way to learn, it doesn’t really get you the best shots. I now plan more. If I see something that looks like it would be in good in a photo I am willing to wait for the best time or the best weather to really get the best out of it. Autumn leaves illuminated by the golden rays just before sunset to bring out the colour, a graveyard infront of a moody grey sky or a sailing boat around glinting water in the midday sun. I’m definately no expert, far from it, infact I’ve only just started photography but from what little experience I have, I found out that waiting for the right time to get a photo can make all the difference.”

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