Preview of the Slide and Clutch Camera Carrying System from Peak Design


With Peak Design launching another set of products via Kickstarter, we’re very fortunate to get our hands on the new, as yet unreleased, Slide and Clutch camera carrying system prior to launch for a little dPS preview!

You can see the Kickstarter here and pre-order if that’s your thing!

As a Peak Design pro, I’ve been using “Capture” since it was released along with Leash and Cuff. The video below of Pete and Adam will give you a great idea of what the team at Peak Design are doing with this new gear and why they’re passionate about what they do – they love this stuff we do called photography.

The Kickstarter is already funded, 450% funded, which says a lot about what they’ve built and the products they’ve created in the past. The new strap, Slide, is building on that, and after using it for a week (no, they don’t pay me to say this) it really is worth picking up now via the Kickstarter campaign. If you don’t, and you see it afterwards for more money, you will think to yourself “you know, Simon was right”. The strap sits really comfortably on my shoulder, it allows quick attachment to my camera through Peak Design’s unique anchor system, it literally slides around to where you want it and is so super easy when you’re wearing it, to make the strap shorter or longer as you can see in the video.

I’ve also been using Clutch, a hand strap system that keeps your camera firmly in your big greasy paw when you’re out and about shooting. I have used it with a gripped Canon 5DMK3 and without the grip – it’s quick to attach, quick to tighten and very quick to loosen off, too. When shooting portrait, I’d slide my hand out of Clutch and shoot my portrait photographs and then slide my hand back in. I didn’t really notice any loss of speed and after a few goes I was a veritable wild west camera slinger. I used Clutch on the weekend for a cycling event and loved the flexibility of being able to not worry about dropping my camera in the rain, and boy did it rain! It stayed firmly in my hand and allowed me to drop the camera into Capture to use the other body with my long lens and Slide attached – once done, I could let the long lens slide around to my hip / back and grab body number one back to continue shooting. Lots of bodies, no time to stop (over a thousand cyclists to grab a portrait of while they cycled past) and it worked perfectly (aside from when I tried to drink soup and shoot at the same time, but that’s another story).

Back in my office now and this is what the Slide strap looks like attached to a Sony A7, (granted, at f/1.4 which doesn’t show you much A7 at all, but you get the picture) to give you a vague idea of scale.



In conclusion, I’m super impressed with this, the next iteration of the Peak Design strap – Slide. (Leash being my first Peak Design strap) and from me, it’s highly recommended! I give it a healthy FIVE stars.

That said, I’m sure you have questions! So, as I have the Slide with me, and I’m taking it on a quick trip to China tomorrow, please feel free to ask any questions in the comments section below, I will answer as best I can. Another great product from Peak Design. Well done guys.


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Sime (aka #gtvone) is the customer support manager for dPS, and lead blogger in our Cameras and Gear Blog. He's a Melbourne based photographer, and please feel free to follow him on Twitter and Instagram.

  • Deepak

    I wonder how the slide and clutch compares with Joby’s 3-way strap, which morphs from wrist to shoulder to neck…?

  • Chribro

    Several pictures of the slide show the strap awkwardly bunching up on the inside of the strap where it’s padded.
    Did you find this happening with your iteration of the slide?

  • Brent Nora

    Urrgh! I just bought the Black Rapid Cargo Strap now this seems so much better, it seems, what’s your comparison on these two straps?

  • Randy Braun

    It looks great for my run n gun shooting around the area of Antigua, Guatemala. However, any strap that is easily cut by a razor blade wielding thief is not a wise purchase for me. How about combining this quick change technology with a security strap design that can not be cut?

  • Chris

    Just buy their Anchor Links and combine it with a PacSafe CarrySafe strap..

  • graham hutton

    isnt this just a copy of the Op Tech utility sling that i use?

  • gtvone

    Hi, That hasn’t happened on the one I have Chribro, no. As the strap is made from essentially what is a tube of seat belt, it doesn’t really bunch so much and if it does, it just goes back into whatever normal shape it’s in when over your shoulder / in your bag, etc… Hope this helps.

  • gtvone

    I’ve not tried the Joby, sorry Deepak.

  • gtvone

    I’ve not used BlackRapid in a good few years Brent, I do like the SLing more compared with my BlackRapid experience, just because I always found myself having to adjust where the camera was on the BlackRapid strap, I’d end up getting annoyed and leaving the stoppers switched off / shoulder pad would be down at the camera… They didn’t work for me, they might work for you though!

  • gtvone

    Hi Graham, the OpTech is more like a BlackRapid in that the buckle that’s attached to your camera slides along the OpTech strap. With the Slide, the camera stays in the spot it’s attached to on the strap and the whole strap slides easily around your shoulder.

  • gtvone

    They’d have to be good, it’s essentially two seat belts (a tube) that they’d have to get through, not saying they couldn’t, but I’d be interested to see how that would go. Good point by Chris on the Anchor links / PacSafe if you’re super concerned.

  • tyrtok

    any idea if the sling is too big for micro four third camera such as EM1?

  • Amaryllis

    How comfortable would this be to wear while wearing a tank top? I’ve found myself hating seat belts while wearing tank tops, so if this is made with the same materials, I’m afraid it won’t be too comfortable… unless it’s plenty enough padded not to cut right through the skin? I did decide to fund the project, but I was wondering. I have a Matin neck strap that’s very comfortable, but it’s a bit fiddly to deal with when it comes to adjusting it, so…

  • gtvone

    The EM1 and the Sony A7 are sorta similar size and I’ve just spent a week in China with only the A7 and the Slide – worked SO well.

  • gtvone

    I’ve not worn a tank top in about 23 years i’m afraid, so I don’t know the answer. Sorry :-/

  • kalahun

    The brief video specifically says the clutch in appropriate for DSLRs. I shoot in the street with Leica M cameras. Is the clutch appropriate for that size as well? I don’t want to order simply to find that it does not work. Please clarify.

  • gtvone

    Hi Kalahun, I’m using it very happily with my Sony A7, similar or maybe even smaller than an M, I’d say it’d be lovely with an M (You can just send me an M and i’ll test it for you haha) —Sime

  • Amaryllis

    Oh, that’s okay then 🙂 Thanks anyway. I’m sure I can live with a sleeved shirt when having it on 😉

  • gtvone

    Haha no no no…. I want to hear how it goes with a tank top… 😀

  • Amaryllis

    I’ll tell you when I’ll have it then, if I still remember 😉

  • Gwyn

    How is the Slide different to the Luma labs Cinch? I have a mk 1 Cinch and my partner a mk2 Cinch. Both superbly comfortable, don’t take up the tripod socket and just work.

  • gtvone

    Hi Gwyn, The guys do have Slide connected to the plate (included) on the camera in their video, (which doesn’t actually change the way you put your camera on a tripod) however, I’ve been using it attached via the regular strap mount points on both my Sony A7 and Canon 5DMK3 with great success. What’s different, I’m sorry to say I have no idea – I’ve never used a Luma Labs strap. —Sime

  • Clint

    I think the big selling point of the Clutch/Peak Designs system over the competition is how it attaches to the camera, and how it integrates with their capture product. I have 4 different ‘anchors’ on my body, so I can move the sling to orient the camera depending on the shooting situation. (Around the neck, sling, lens out, lens down, etc) Much more elegant solution than the Cinch quick links imho.

  • Clint

    PeakDesigns also has an older, smaller un-padded strap called the Leash that might work if you’re concerned about size.

  • kalahun

    Thank you. I missed this on their website I guess. I will look at the camera store next time I am over that way.

  • Steve

    Dear Simon,
    I’m trying to decide between either the Clutch or the Cuff. (Already sold on the Slide…) Since you mention you have both, what do you think to be the better product?
    I’m mostly a street photographer, and currently walk around shooting with my standard camera strap tripled around my wrist, and the camera held in my hand down my side when not shooting. The standard strap then acts as a safeguard that when I should drop my camera, it won’t crash on the floor. (much like the intended purpose of the Cuff).
    However, the Clutch mights also be a great product, but I don’t have any experience with hand straps, so am not familiar with the pro’s and con’s of such a strap.
    Your advise will be much appreciated!

  • gtvone

    Hi Steve, I’d say if you’re using two cameras, go Clutch as you can pop one down easily to grab the other. If you’re using one, (when I’m using one) I prefer Cuff.

    I like to be able to pop one camera into Capture when I’m shooting with two and grab the other, Cuff means I need to unstrap from my wrist where Clutch I can simply slip my hand out.

    I used a Canon hand-strap for years, then after much back and forth, I find myself back at a combo of, most of the time, Slide and Clutch – Clutch QuickRelease is very good, too!

    Hope that helps.


  • Hey there! I’ve finally made an account for more convenient replies, but I’m still the same person who asked about the tank top compatibility 😉

    I’ve worn it with a tank top several times ever since I’ve had Slide, and I can definitely say that it’s really comfy! I mostly use it as a sling strap to avoid looking like a tourist, and it does a wonderful job 🙂

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