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Leash and Cuff by Peak Design

A note from Peak Design : When you shop on peakdesignltd.com, buy anything ($19.99 or more) and enter “dpschool” upon checkout to get 10% off the entire cart.

A while back I wrote about the Capture Camera Clip System by those crazy guys over at Peak Design. The guys started their company with KickStarter, which I’m certain you’ve all heard about? Well, one of the feedback items they received on the Capture device (which I still use every time I shoot) was that maybe some people would feel more secure using it if they had some sort of strap attached, like a safety belt that you could also use as a neck strap, wrist strap and a sling strap. The criteria for Peter and his ping pong winning team was that the strap had to be versatile, quick connecting and most of all it had to add a great deal of ‘safe’ for your camera. Well, they’ve only gone and done it!

Peak Design bring you the new Leash and Cuff!

I was lucky enough to play ping pong with Adam of Peak Design just yesterday – he thrashed me! – but as sweet consolation, he also let me bring home the prototype unit to try out. This strap does everything it says on the label, so to speak! It’s inexpensive and sturdy and will be along with me for a ride when I shoot a wedding in Kyneton tomorrow.

Leash and Cuff by Peak Design

The best thing about my timing of this post is that you can still jump on their KickStarter project for the leash and cuff, and get yourself one at less than retail (I think it’s about close to half of what they’re going to cost you when they hit the streets!)

Leash and Cuff by Peak Design

Here’s the KickStarter video for your information, and there’s a great video on their KickStarter page with more info, too.

Check it out on their Kick Starter page!

We will have a full review for you in the coming weeks, but initial impressions and judging by the uptake on their KickStarter page, I’d say get one – quick.


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