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Post Production
by Derrick Story

Easy Color Grading With LUTs and Luminar 2018

Focusing on color can help you communicate style and emotion. This approach is often referred to as color grading. Color...
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Color in Lightroom by Andrew S. Gibson

How to Take Control of Color in Lightroom

Back when everybody used film cameras, photographers had to match the film type to their subject. For example, landscape photographers...
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by James Brandon

4 Incredible Photoshop Shortcuts in 6 Minutes

I'm a bit of a post-processing shortcut addict. I'm always looking for more efficient ways of getting through my workflow...
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by Sean McCormack

How to Create a Grunge Look with Luminar 2018

Grunge. It’s a great look for gritty, edgy, photos, and you couldn’t have it simpler than doing it in Luminar...
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