Post-Processing Tips of the Year 2015 on dPS

Post-Processing Tips of the Year 2015 on dPS

Shaheer Shahid

By Shaheer Shahid

Continuing on this holiday week with a list of some of our most popular articles here on dPS, this time on post-processing.

Whether you use Lightroom, Photoshop, or something else entirely you can find some hidden gems in this bunch. Get your editor ready to try these tips on post-processing out:

Lightroom tips

You can find many more articles on Lightroom here if you haven’t had enough, or if you want to pick up some Lightroom presets dPS offers a set of those as well.

Photoshop tips

Find even more Photoshop tips here.

Dave Wilson Cumbria

By Dave Wilson Cumbria

Other programs and random tips

  1. Macphun Noiseless Pro Software Review
  2. Post-processing RAW Files – ACR Compared to Some Free Software Options
  3. 3 Tips for Getting Great Skin Tones Using Adobe Camera Raw
  4. How to Give Your Macro Photography a Fine Art Touch in Post-Processing
  5. 3 Simple Tips for Subtle Landscape Photography Post-Processing
  6. Post-Processing Tips for Overcoming Beginners Acts of Omission

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