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Photo Nuts and Bolts – FAQ

NutsBolts_Banner_300x250px-2.jpgIt’s been just 18 hours since we launched our brand new Photo Nuts and Bolts E-Book to readers here at DPS. In that time we’ve seen well over 1000 copies purchased and downloaded. The feedback so far has been amazing (I’ve added some of the information/sales page).

I’ve been inundated with email since the E-Book was launched – much of it has been simple thank you emails but there have been a few recurring questions that I wanted to answer publicly as I’m sure some have the same questions but have not yet asked:

What Type of Camera is Photo Nuts and Bolts Ideal For?

The book is directed at Digital SLR camera owners, but the principles explained apply to every camera, from the humblest pinhole to the most sophisticated DSLR.

You will get the most out of this book if your camera allows you to take control of the settings (as most point and shoot cameras and DSLRs do), but owners of fully automatic cameras will better understand how to deal with the limitations of their camera.

Interestingly it is not only DSLR owners but also point and shoot owners who are sending us positive feedback on this E-Book – it seems to be appealing to camera owners of all levels.

Can the E-Book Be Read on XXX (insert favourite E-Reader here)?

We’re yet to test the E-Book on every application and E-Reader but it is a PDF document that should be able to be read on many of them. We have optimized it for Adobe Reader (free) and therefore recommend that as the best application to use (please note that the very latest version of Reader is best, a very small number of readers have needed to update their Adobe Reader (free update) to fix bugs with reading the file).

Can the E-Book Be Printed?

Yes – you’re welcome to print this E-Book for your own personal use. Again – the resource is optimized for reading in Adobe Reader on a computer but if you’d rather have something you can touch and flip through – print it by all means. A number of readers have printed our E-Books out and bound them – thanks for sending your pictures!

Is Photo Nuts and Bolts Available as a Hard Cover Book?

At this stage it is only available as a downloadable E-Book and not as a hard cover book. I say ‘at this stage’ not because we’re planning a hard cover book but because we’ve previously had publishers express interest in our last E-Book (although have no plans yet for a hard cover version of that).

What Other Payment Options Do You Have?

At this stage the only payment options we have are as you see them on the sales page. Our payment system is via PayPal who do process credit cards. i know that they don’t accept payments from every country or every type of credit card but at this stage the system we have is the only method and we’re unable to accept cheques, cash, direct debits etc. We are looking into options for future resources but right now our current system is the only option. Apologies to those that this excludes.

What Currency is the Price in?

Prices on the Sales page are in US Dollars ($19.97 USD to be exact). While we understand not all of our readers are in the USA – the fact is that over 90% are and so we’ve chosen to work with this currency (despite it actually costing us more in conversion fees at PayPal as our HQ is in Australia). If you’re in another part of the world you can work out the approximate conversion into your own currency here (please note that it’s not exact as PayPal have their own conversion system and currency markets do fluctuate).

Where is My Download Information?

During the payment process you’ll be taken to a page where you can download the E-Book. To get to this page you need to click the yellow ‘complete this transaction’ button on the last PayPal page. You also should receive an email shortly after purchase that is sent to your PayPal email address. This email contains a link to the download page also. Keep this email in case you lose your E-Book as you can download the E-Book up to 5 times.

Grab Your Copy Today

I hope that this FAQ answers all of your questions about this E-Book. If you’ve not yet grabbed a copy you can get all the information on it (and the opening week bonus that we’re offering) and grab a copy here.