Facebook Pixel Photo a Day Challenge: 10 Ways to Jump Start Your Creative Edge!

Photo a Day Challenge: 10 Ways to Jump Start Your Creative Edge!

In this post Christina N Dickson issues a ‘photo a day’ challenge and gives some suggestions on how to get creative with it.

After I took my first photography course through IPS, I was really motivated to pursue photographic growth. For hours a day I would sit in front of my computer and browse the sites of successful photographers in many different fields. I found this exercise provided inspirational ideas, but it also was discouraging. Would I ever become that creative?


Sure, each image represented numerous hours and a great amount of discipline, but I was willing to make those investments too. I just didn’t know how to plot a course of action that would help me grow in photography the way I wanted to.

That’s when I came to a realization; A talented portrait photographer didn’t make a dynamic stock photographer. A landscape photographer could create stunning scenic images, but what about in fashion? A photographer can spend so much time producing in one or a few fields that he or she is unable to see and capture the beautiful every day scenes around them, waiting to be discovered.

So I made a challenge to myself: Everyday, for the next 6 months, I would take a photo a day, outside my normal shoots. I soon reaped many outstanding lessons from this exercise and found my progress to be quite speedy.

Whether you are a novice or a professional, a ‘photo a day’ will keep you sharp for your field and your growth. Here are some guides that will help you out: (more…)

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Christina N Dickson
Christina N Dickson

is a visionary artist and philanthropist in Portland Oregon. Her work includes wedding photography www.BrideInspired.com and leadership with www.RevMediaBlog.com.

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