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Our Writers’ Monthly Critique

Hello and welcome to another month’s critique.  This month’s photo comes from Lynne Daley who mentions, “I came to serious photography a bit later in life than most photographers as I was busy with my family, but my camera is my constant companion now. I live in Georgia and shoot mostly food and food related photographs which I publish to my blog, Cafe Lynnylu


While food is her main area of interest, I was struck by the photo above.  It’s a combination of two photographs, a process Jim mentions below as the Orton Effect.  Here is her description of how the shot was created, “The oak lined avenue leading to the tabby ruins of  the home of Noble Jones, a physician who came to settle Georgia along with James Oglethorpe in 1733. The photo is actually two digital photos sandwiched together, one shot at f/22, +2 stops over, the second one is shot at the widest aperture on the lens at +1 stop over and defocused.  Then sandwiched together for the final photo. It takes some practice to get the effect desired.”

Our Writers' Monthly CritiqueHelen Brady

This photo is a spectacular example of a technique that is made so much easier to achieve nowadays with the advent of digital photography and Photoshop. However, as good as our tools are, you still need to be a crack photographer to nail the images to use to create the effect. Lynne has done just that. Her choice of subject for this image is a great one and it really lends itself to an ethereal presentation like this. From the darker skies at the top of the image to the light road surface we’re invited to look into this scene to explore it further.

The image would be more compelling still if captured with a person on the path in front of us. However, that said, it really is a great composition – well done Lynne!

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