Olympus MjU Tough 8000 Review

Olympus MjU Tough 8000 Review


We had the announcement for the Olympus Tough 8000 a few weeks back, since then we have seen released the same sort of compacts from Canon and from Panasonic. Being naturally curious for “unbreakable stuff” I wanted to check one of them out and Olympus, as they were first out of the gate, got the call…

Not drowning, Waving...

The first thing I did when I removed the little Olympus Tough 8000 from its box was to go to the kitchen, get a water jug, fill it with water and watch (and laugh) as a colleague shrieked as I dropped it in. It was brilliant! So, The camera is waterproof to 10m but without the help of a really deep bath I guess I’m stumped…

This compact camera has a brilliantly sturdy feel to it, noticeable as soon as you handle it, It feels very solid and like you should actually drop it, not that we treat our expensive camera gear like that! but, in this case you can drop it without fear of it smashing into a zillion tiny pieces! The Olympus Tough 8000 is a camera that will take all that you can throw at it, or indeed all that you can throw it at! It is waterproof to 10 meters as I’ve mentioned, it’s freeze proof down to -10c (see image below!) and dust proof, it is also crush proof (I didn’t want to test this as at the minute I weigh 103kgs and it’s only crush proof up to 100kgs) – Can you image if I’d broken it!… (Sorry Olympus)

On Ice, Sir?

On Ice, Sir?

The 3.6x optical zoom with the built in dual image stabilization work quite well together, even for someone like me with VERY shaky hands.

Another feature that I thought was quite nice was the “tap control” feature. I have used cameras underwater before and one of the main issues I had was trying to change settings whilst underwater with diving gloves on. With the Olympus, certain features can be turned on or off with a simple tap to one side or the other of the actual camera, and OK is as easy as a simple two taps on the top of the unit – I found this to work quite well.

I have used another brand of camera for the last ten years and am very familiar with the menu structure, so as such changing to another brand should have been quite tricky, but it only took about an hour of use for me to be pretty familiar with the way the Olympus menu system was set-up.

Just in case you missed the tech specs last time, here they are for you again…

  • Shooting in toughest situations – shockproof to 2m, waterproof to 10m, crush proof to 100kg and freeze proof to -10°C
  • High-precision 3.6x wide optical zoom (28-102mm) to capture great scenes through to stunning close-ups even in extreme conditions
  • Avoids blur thanks to Dual Image Stabilization
  • TAP Control Menu for great convenience
  • 12 Megapixels to make poster-size prints
  • 6.9cm/2.7″ HyperCrystal III LCD for best ever preview even in brilliant sunlight and at extreme angles (230,000 dots)
  • Face Detection for perfectly focused and exposed faces plus correct exposure of other image areas
  • The easy way to perfect images – Intelligent Auto Mode detects the five most commonly used scenes and adjusts settings, focus and exposure automatically
  • Manometer for easy air and water pressure checking
  • LED illuminator to lighten up underwater or macro sceneries
  • Liven up your memories with movie recording with sound
  • xD-Picture Card and microSD Card compatible

And, as I usually give you a rating (in stars!) I am going to give you a slightly different rating this time… Do I like the Olympus Tough 8000? Well, I now use one as my full time compact camera. (Yep, Love it!)


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Sime (aka #gtvone) is the customer support manager for dPS, and lead blogger in our Cameras and Gear Blog. He's a Melbourne based photographer, www.gtvone.com and please feel free to follow him on Twitter and Instagram.

Some Older Comments

  • Ulisses August 5, 2013 11:07 pm

    I'm in Egypt right now with my GF and she brought her Olympus with her we went to the ocean and right after the camera stop working and I just have the "no connection"message now is a piece of junk this camera... I'm won't ever buy this camera or any olympus products

  • agencja maspeth ny February 10, 2012 09:13 pm

    [...]The info mentioned within the write-up are a number of the ideal available [...]

  • Phil February 10, 2012 05:05 am

    This is my third Olympus "water proof" camera and they are more trouble than they are worth. First one leaked after a year and warranty expired second one leaked within warranty and Olympus fixed it, leaked again a year later no warranty now!
    Bought the new TG810 and the SD card is now stuck in the slot. Newer card but I have used it for a month or two. Going on a trip in 10 days don't have time to deal with Olympus will try when I get back.

    Under the doctrine of caveat emptor, the buyer could not recover from the seller for defects on the property that rendered the property unfit for ordinary purposes. The only exception was if the seller actively concealed latent defects or otherwise made material misrepresentations amounting to fraud.

  • Philip February 9, 2012 01:21 am


    This is the third "waterproof" Olympus I tried and once again it started leaking after a few months' use. And to have it repaired, costs nearly as much as a new camera...!

    Fortunately other manufacturers now have waterproof cameras too - I will rather try one of theirs before I ever buy an Olympus again.


  • Sime December 12, 2011 07:32 am

    Who are you people contacting about these issues you're having? Customer service? They're not authorised to help you outside of "does it fall within warrant? No? Can't help you" - even though we've made a crap product.... You have to get creative and find someone that can do something for you...

  • Dilsiri Welikala December 12, 2011 01:59 am

    Hi Jim,

    I think we need to do this. Its pretty disgusting that they dont even aknowledge this.


  • jim atchison December 11, 2011 08:39 am

    A class action law suit should be started against this company .These SD card/s stuck in the camera renders them useless as the pictures are faulty and cannot be used.These Stylus tough 8010 should be repaired for free for free or a replacement camera should be provided. I have not been able to print 1 picture from my camera properly. SHAME on you OLYMPUS. THE ONLY THIGH TOUGH ABOUT THIS CAMERA IS GETTING OLYMPUS TO ADMIT THEY ARE FAULT AND REPAIR OR REPLACE THEM.

  • jim atchison December 11, 2011 08:11 am

    Olympus is worst service repair ever.SD card stuck in slot, Olympus wants 150.00 to remove card. I will never buy again

  • SashaMaija October 22, 2011 10:01 am

    To Darlene,

    Do what you have to do but I won't go anywhere near 1ft of water with my Olympus! Hundreds of dollars and nothing but excuses and blaming me like I was a freakin retard later. Can't wait to never have to deal with them or be made out to be a total idiot again! The image quality is crap, the service is worse, the camera doesn't do what it ways it would do ..

    Panasonic on the other hand. Haven't had a problem with them since I bought another one (whilst also paying yet again for the Olymus to get fixed... luck for that money tree growing in the back yard). Panasonic camera is wonderful in every way so far!

  • Darlene October 20, 2011 08:50 pm

    I wen to 14 meter in water and i got a very beautiful picture and color full. NOW ! tomorrow i want to bring that olympus 8000 to 24 meters... Does any one know if i'm realy going to kill my camera ?

    I belive at 24 meters it will not work correctely but back at 14 to 10 meters will work perfectely.
    What do tou think ?

    As i go tomorrow, i need a quick answer.... thank to all

  • John @FujiFilm_Camera October 20, 2011 01:25 pm

    Underwater Cameras are useful nowadays because people are often go to beaches and take some pictures. As a suggestion for the manufacturers of the underwater camera, the image quality needs some repair or revisions because as far as i see the image quality of those cameras had still in the poor quality. The image quality should be in the excellent rate like the Digital cameras in the market today, High quality of image they could capture. and they should install blue-tooth software so that it is easy to share photos.....

  • Dilsiri Welikala September 27, 2011 02:45 pm

    Dear All,

    I think we all seem to have been cheated by Olympus. They refuse to accept that the problem is the fault of the camera.

    Shall we all write a note together and forward it to Olympus for a complete refund?

    I am pretty disgusted with them.


  • Kristen June 10, 2011 02:25 am

    I bought an olympus tough series underwater camera. BAD EXPERIENCE. I loved this camera. Its small, compact, easy to use. The quality of the photos are really only good for a 4X6 photo but whatever thats good enough for now! I began using the underwater capabilities on a Vacation to Mexico as I was snorkeling through a reef off our resort. I got AMAZING photos and it was so much fun to capture all the colorful fish and corals I was finding! I never had any problems with the camera until one day I went to hop in and snorkel and somehow water got into the camera despite its "waterproof" casing. I was so sad :( and if you look at the box theres fine print that says if you dont close all the doors on the camera it is not waterproof and olympus doesnt cover water damage in any warranty. Funny thing. I had all the doors on the camera closed and it still became damaged. It hasnt even turned on since, but at least I got my incredible photos from my memory card!

  • Pak May 27, 2011 01:33 pm

    Bottom Line Up Front: I've continuously required service for Tough Camera products due to their lack of reliability and lack of guaranteed durability.

    First Failure: I purchased the Tough 6020. Shortly afterwards, and with little reason, the front panel was dented causing the camera to be inoperable.
    Second Failure: I replaced the old camera for the new Tough 8010. The SDHC slot was damaged because a tiny pin was bent backwards, causing the camera to be inoperable.
    (No...I didn't try to put in the card backwards)
    Third Failure: The repaired Tough 8010 lens cover was jammed open and couldn't close, causing the camera to be inoperable.

    Description of Failures:
    I originally purchased the Tough 6020 camera to be used on my 2010 Iraq deployment. I had it protected in a case and stowed in a pouch in my vest. The product was found a few hours later to have a dent on the front panel. Despite the 200 lbs. load the camera was claimed to withstand; it would not work. I sent it to Olympus, as the camera was covered under a year warranty. The product was repaired, but could not be mailed back to me because Olympus is not able to mail to addresses overseas. I had the camera shipped home and decided to give it to my parents. In the mean time, I purchased a newer, Tough 8010 and had it mailed to me in Iraq via Amazon.

    After I received my new Tough 8010, I inserted the SDHC memory card correctly. I took pictures, but couldn't save them on my memory card. I took out the card and reinserted it. It still wouldn't work. After inspecting the SDHC memory card slot, I discovered a tiny pin to be bent backwards. The camera was covered under factory warrantee, so it was sent to Olympus for repairs. After the camera was repaired and sent to my home, my parents sent the camera back to me. This process took months to complete; so I didn't get many pictures taken during my deployment in Iraq. Awesome...I know...

    After returning home from my deployment in 2011, I was using the camera in a park. The camera mysteriously stopped working because the lens cover was stuck open. I sent the camera back to Olympus because it was still covered under factory warrantee. I told Olympus I want my money back and was told by a customer service representative that this option was not available. I was told I had to keep this camera after it's repaired, and to take up any issues regarding returns with the original seller. This issue is still ongoing.

  • sherry May 20, 2011 03:18 pm

    Olympus Tough 8000 DON NOT BUY THIS CAMERA or following models 8010 etc etc. the camera is not fit for the purpose of underwater photography. after 2 failed attempts on holidays, both times had to hire cameras as a replacement. so in hindsight Olympus Sucks at customer service too, and the repairs that they conducted 4 times obviously didn't work. so you if you plan to buy a camera for underwater use - do buy an olympus.

  • star May 12, 2011 10:55 am

    I have an Olympus 8010, I bought it last November 2010. I used it on a pool 2 weeks ago for the first time. After half an hour (out of the pool) I got the “No Connection” error. I am positive the battery door is locked at all times. I Tried removing the battery for 3 days and it still didn’t work. I guess the water leaked?? Olympus said this is user's fault and is not covered by the warranty!!

  • don April 27, 2011 02:42 am

    not a good camera. water seeped into it less than 2 years of using it. i used it underwater for maybe about 5 times already and on the last time it just stopped working. i do not plan to have it repaired or buy another olympus camera.

    fortunately there were sealife udnerwater cameras for rent in the resort i stayed in the maldives.

  • Potwalloper March 6, 2011 06:29 pm

    I have one of these cameras and so far it has been fantastic and has survived everything thrown at it including:

    Crash on mountain bike at around 30mph downhill - was in my pocket and I landed on it - gave me a square shaped bruise but worked fine;

    Dropped into the campfire as an experiment by my son bless him - rapidly recovered and still works;

    Blown off the tripod by high winds when it was on a wall taking a group shot via the timer - fell 6 feet onto concrete and is bruised but working fine.

    Don't intend ever buying a different type of compact camera again!

  • Vanessa January 9, 2011 09:02 pm

    Does anyone have any tips for improving the picture quality underwater? My Tough is in an underwater housing for diving and using the underwater wide mode produces blue, grainy pics with no contrast. Other Olympus cameras have worked way better underwater.

  • feridun December 19, 2010 10:48 pm


    ive had my u tough for about 14 months now, but my usage in water was not heavy at all, only went to the beach 1 once! with it, and a few times under the tap , again not heavy water, not as if im hosing the bloody thing! ? lols any how olypus was kind enough to come and pick it up from my address!! now that was awesome, that i was glad, i wouldnt have minded me send ing it by post , (parcel), but this was wayyy better ! alot mor eproffessional, a made the phone call, the next morning 9 am they had arrived!! going by cargo, any how, thats pretty much it, the USB connection socket and charge aea are stuff, the rest of the camera im assuming ok, but im a constant traveller, i realied on this thing for chrisct sakes, and look where i am, waiting on repairs half way around the world!

  • Waterlogged December 17, 2010 05:49 pm

    Really? I have to ask how much you managed to use to camera before writing this? I have had mine for just over a year and in the first 6 months, Olympus had it for repairs of being waterlogged twice and now it has just died again. The USB door opened by itself out in the ocean and has opened several times by simply being carried in my handbag. It has been waterlogged and dried out by myself at least 3 other times apart from the twice repair time. So now I am up to about 5 times being waterlogged, olympus having it for a third of the time for repair in the first 6 months, accused of mis use of a camera (how exactly is an underwater camera mis used by taking it in the water?) and now no picture on the screen and not recognised by my computer? And STILL water leaking in (if only in small amounts) every single time I take it into the ocean and take pictures of my kids! Seriously the biggest waste of a whole weeks wage so far!

  • feridun December 9, 2010 12:14 am


    im very dissapointed with this camra its been exactly 1 years since my purchase of the olypus u tough 8000, and its completely stuff out of the blue!!, i bought this camera because of its reliability not leaving me half way down the road for god sake, bought it from korea, and now im currently in turkey, northern part, as you some of you's may know that travelling reqiures a heck of alot of photos taken from here there any where!, and guess what this camra does! i open my katop, and connect the usb cable!, and ok uploading photos great! and when im done i go to disconnect, the screens sstill on with the menu for USB connection u know!, and its frozen permanently! i remove the battery, and its off of course, iu wait a few secounds i reenter the batttery! and back to the same bloody screen! usb connection blah blah blah, so i ok, the only technical service center is in istanbul, farr out, i gota send it that way now, ill get it fixed!! u betcha, but im gonna leave that on the side and purchase the next model the 14 megapixel the u tough 8010 i think, hope thats the new and improved version, hope it wont frak up this time! thanks see ya all:))))

  • Darren December 8, 2010 02:09 pm

    I have just had an issue recur with the tough 8000, and am sceptical to say the least. A few months after my initial purchase there was an issue where some of the scene settings, as well as the video mode caused the auto focus to have a defect. It would still take the pictures and video, however it was very blurry to the point of the pics being unrecognisable. One confusing part for me is that a few of the scenes would work perfectly, which seems to indicate a programming issue more than a physical defect. To Olympus' credit they repaired it no questions asked. I have a friend who has also had the same issue with the same model camera (which was recemmended by me i might add!!)
    the same problem has now occured a second time however on mine but now the camera is over 12 months old, so will be interesting to see if Olympus will admit it is a known issue, or go down the "out of warranty" path. I find it hard to believe out of the thousands sold, only mine and a good friend could have the same problem.

  • Jon September 19, 2010 03:36 pm

    DONT SPEND THE CASH.....I actually dropped my camera( Utough 8000) at the love parade from waste height onto gravel and it broke the screen, the shop had it replaced immediately as it was filming at the time, the camera is an amazing bit of kit, BUT if its drop proof from 2 metres then you should be able to drop it on any surface from 2 metres or under , im loosing my faith...


  • Jon September 19, 2010 03:33 pm

    I actually dropped my camera( Utough 8000) at the love parade from waste height onto gravel and it broke the screen, the shop had it replaced immediately as it was filming at the time, the camera is an amazing bit of kit, BUT if its drop proof from 2 metres then you should be able to drop it on any surface from 2 metres or under , im loosing my faith...


  • Joe September 13, 2010 01:15 am

    I currently own a "non-functioning" Olympus 1030SW and thinking of getting another Olympus Tough series camera. I'm a scuba diver and I've taken that 1030SW 45feet underwater max I don't know how many times, a depth warning would flash on the screen at 30 feet but I kept going 15 more extra feet. I took it diving into caves, bumping that thing against rocks and whatnot. After all that it still kept snapping good pictures although the body was all dented up and scratches on the screen. It finally gave up the ghost two weeks ago after and spelunking trip, it'll still take pictures but I'm not getting anything on the screen. I'm definitely going to buy another Olympus Tough series camera, most likely this one as the 8010 is a tiny bit out of my range for now.

  • package price July 21, 2010 03:44 pm

    as promised dennis chen repaired my camera in under 1 day so this time olympus have done there bit , we will now see what happens when it goes under water again ...i still have no confidence in this camera but they were good to there word at getting it repaired

  • package price July 12, 2010 07:31 pm

    i took my camera today into kula lumpa to get it fixed at mont kiara and spoke with a gentleman dennis chen who was most helpful , he is now trying to get my camera fixed in one day and if can not fix it then he will send a replacement (but not an underwater one to my hotel ( a loan camera ) i di have to raise my voice to get this but it did work so i will post what happens after tomorrow

  • package price July 11, 2010 12:01 pm

    hello all i am now on my 3rd olympus camera ok the first one was stolen but the next 2 both broke when taken under water , the first one was the olympus mju which i took to the olympus repair shop in kuala lumpa to be told it was my fault and they gave me a 750 ringit that could be put towards a new camera so i got the m tough ...the unbreakable camera ...my ass ...as i had so many problems with the first one i didnt take it into the water for 6 months and then in the perhentain islands i tested it out ...the first time was fine but the 2nd time it completely stopped working so i am once again back in kl to get it fixed ...will they once again say its nothing to do with them most likely ...do not expect anything from your warranty ...they are a bunch of cowboys ....if they replace it or fix it this time i will post as such but otherwise do not buy olympus ...there a big company with no respect for there customer !!!!

  • Sam June 17, 2010 12:53 am

    Stay away from the Olympus mu 8010 Tough. I forked out close to A$600 for one, few month ago and took a few shots. After down loading the images. It was not working with some problems with the card reader telling the camera to reformat the card or camera settings!

    Did not even see any action. I had plan to take this on a trip to Tibet in the high country.

    The feed back for the service dept and shop I got it from like pulling your teeth. The only good feature was the built in panorama stichng function.

    Should have gone for the Lumix equivalent. I am still waiting and will have to give them a blast of my disappointment


  • dilsiri May 18, 2010 02:39 am

    i think we all need to complain to them. the camera gave me trouble for the 4th time!

  • luke May 17, 2010 02:22 pm

    i borrowed the tough 8000 from a friend to check performance and quality of shots, before purchasing one for myself.as i was taking into the water and being a friends camera.i took particular attention to checking seals free from foreign matter and compartments properly closed. the subject i was shooting that day was dolphins playing in the ocean taken from a kayak above the surface.when i returned to the shore and went to view the shots. much to my amazement and disappointment the camera had failed. it had leaked through the battery compartment.it was indicating that the compartment was open yet it wasnt. but there was water in there. as you can imagine.my friend was done to happy to hear of the condition of his new camera.after reading this review and others it seems there is clearly a problem with this compartment. as i would be fuming to hear that it isnt covered by the warranty. if there is anyone that has had a simular experience and had it rectified to your satisfaction can you please advise of the steps i should now take to recieve a successful result. i will be glad when i can return a working camera to my friend but as you can probably imagine, wont be purchasing one for myself. its such a shame as i have always been happy with my other olympus products. lets hope the appropriate action is taken by olympus to fix this problem ,before they lose more loyal customers to a poor design fault.(also why would you not seal off the battery compartment from the rest of the camera.then if seals fail the whole camera is not effected)

  • Akis Vatikiotis May 6, 2010 10:52 pm

    So, bottom line !

    How many of us (including me) ..enjoyed a leaking disaster with this - so called - waterproof 8000 ?

    (Mine, in 10 cm of water, destroyed at once). It's time to shout at Olympus "Hey, what's you doing
    with your Chinese factory ? Not Quality Assurance supervisor or lousy paid workers ?

    Who cares ? Olympus headquarters ? Oh, come on now.. Next joke, please...

  • Eljai April 24, 2010 08:38 am

    My husband went to Palau for 5 days for work and took this camera. I had originally bought this camera about 3 months ago so I could use it around the pool with the kids. It gave us some excellent pics of the kids in the water. But in the Palau Incident the micro card went kaput and he lost his 400 photos, snorkelling, jellyfish lake etc. We havve tried everything to recover them to no avail. I put xD card in and all seemed fine. Then two days later it just stopped working completely. It won't charge, won't turn on, nothing.
    Mu husband is furious and I'm really cranky. I have 3 Olympus cameras and this is the second one to have a major stuff up. I'm am not happy about it at all.

  • manuel April 17, 2010 05:57 am

    My brand new 8010 leaked second time it went in the water.

  • Edwin April 1, 2010 11:45 pm

    “A motorbike is faster than a car…” But, don’t forget that the motorbike isn’t usable if you only drive while it’s snowing.

    Try using the IXUS underwater or while snowboarding.
    You can't compare the resulting pictures as the ixus wouldn't even survive how i'm (ab)using the though ;)
    (even with the casing, as that wont make it chock/pressure-proof)

  • ivan April 1, 2010 09:21 pm

    Switching from Canon IXUS 700 (which I had been using for 5 year) to Tough 8000 is a big disappointment. Picture quality is not as good as Canon's. I should have considered Powershot D10 or maybe just the underwater casing for my IXUS 700.

  • Monika March 31, 2010 01:06 am

    I actually researched all the waterproof cameras before my last trip to Costa Rica. I have decided to go with the Canon D10 due to better picture quality per reviews read. I am very happy with my choice and the camera proved to be perfect for a rough and wet vacation, it survived being tumbled in the ocean waves, the swimming pool, rain in very cold temperature due to elevation, and hot sulfur springs. The pictures come out great for day shots, as for night or indoor shots, they are a bit tricky with often the colors being over saturated.

  • feridun February 11, 2010 04:54 am

    dear d?ls?r?

    m?nd the keyboard the letter ? ?s com?ng out as a queston mark the key board ?n these areas are prettyy damn screwed any how a good electr?c buggy ?ve got one ?n m?nd ?ts tough 1:10 scale four wheel dr?ve ready to run mean?ng RTR tam?ya brand good qual?ty made ?n japan you could bash ?t around you probably would need the a 7.2 volt rechargeable battery and charger to get ?t up and runn?ng.. ?ts called tam?ya RTR Cayene 2007 cc ?m not sure whats your current locat?on at th?s t?me...d?ff?cult to pred?ct the pr?c?ng and stuff
    but any other quest?ons do not hes?tate to contact me at fer?dun.ozer@hotmail.com ps: ?m start?ng a l?ttle hobb?e bus?ness of m?ne spec?al?s?ng ?n rad?o controlled submar?nes mak?ng one of my own and ?ts a beast the type where ?t surfaces creat?ng a tsunam? lols not actually but l?ke ? sa?d a beast not l?ttle f?breglass hulled ones. ?ts 25cm d?ameter hull .1 and a half metre ?n length

    k?ndest regards

  • feridun February 11, 2010 04:34 am

    dear d?ls?r?

    ? bought my camera the u tough 8000 from korea on my from sydney to turkey..? sa ?t asked ?f ?t was the latest model ?n ?ts range yes they sa?d when was ?t manufactured late 2009 november ?t was wr?tten so ? sa?d cant go wrong w?th that they gave me a warranty and all perfect told the young beut?ful lady ?f theres a problem no doubt ?m com?ng back and ? sure d?dnt hell g?ve a damn about the a?r fare t?ckets..

    k?ndest regards

  • dilsiri February 10, 2010 10:12 pm

    Sigh, i did buy it from hong kong.

  • Edwin vd Geld February 10, 2010 10:07 pm


    Did you buy it in Hong Kong? (in that case you would have had the same problem with Canon)
    if not, just go to the vendor where you bought it.


  • dilsiri February 10, 2010 10:05 pm


    You deal with RC Cars? I am looking for a 1:10 Electric RC Buggy. What would you reckon is good.


  • feridun February 10, 2010 10:02 pm

    ? understand ? guess bad luck stumbled upon you my fr?end. best of luck ?n the future for technolog?es..

    k?ndest regards

  • dilsiri February 10, 2010 09:57 pm

    hi feridun,
    sadly i had to bust over USD 200 to send my camera to and from hong kong where the repairs took place as the warrantly is not available in sri lanka. i was really bummed. anyway, no use now. i dont think i will go with olympus again. nikon and cannon are better cameras.

  • feridun February 9, 2010 08:52 pm

    dils?r? my fr?end theres a great chance that you may have stumbled upon a faulty product d?rect from the manufacturer...? my self had a job back ?n sydney austral?a at a hobb?e store approx?mately 6 years as a techn?c?an and you wouldnt bel?eve how many faulty r/c cars ? have come across..faulty p?stons crank shafts and all..customer would start the car and the con rod would smashh!! to m?ll?ons of pe?ces.. but the olympus u tough camera wh?ch ? recently purchased was ?ndeed my f?rst ever d?g?tal camera and ?m very proud of ?t...? have read the manual thoroughly and came across some sect?ons and paragraphs where ?t expla?ns that where the battery compartment ?s and the memory card the seals where ?t locks up cannot ? repeat cannot have any for?egn objects ?n the way mean?ng sand part?culars what ever..or l?ke you sa?d the camera may be faulty...?n other words we are lucky ?f we could return the camera ?m sure they all come w?th warranty or some th?ng back at the hobby store everyth?ng came w?th warranty but whenever ? cam across a faulty product my so called boss would never ever accept ?t as a faulty product he would always blame the customers for ?t he was a real pr?ck ? tell ya...? swear ? could wr?te a book about th?s...the batterys AA s?ze pack of 4 customer would buy ?t and come back couple of m?nutes later batterys dont work he would have a look at them and ?mmed?ately p?ss off the customer and tell h?m to bugger off say?ng that the customer stuffed up the batterys l?ke ? sa?d ? can most deff?netely wr?te book about th?s.. :)))))))

    k?ndest regards

  • dilsiri February 9, 2010 04:46 pm

    guys, i own a tough 8000 and it isnt tough at all. two weeks into usage - water leeked in. two months later i had problems as the internal memory went all wonky and had to be replaced. i think you should go for the cannon of fuji camera. the tough is not that tough at all and not worth it.

  • ger February 8, 2010 08:54 pm

    I have the tough 8000 and its the third tough i've had and I have loved their go any where build quality. However for the first time I am starting to worry.

    The 8000 is only 8 months old and leaking through the battery cover. It's not major but it will still cause some serious issues to the internals of the camera. It seems like this is a common fault with the camera, is this true and if so has any one had olympus comment about it? i note that the new 8010 has a double locking mechanism.

  • Edwin vd Geld February 8, 2010 06:57 pm

    Hi Katie,

    A few weeks back we went swimming with my sister and her daughter.
    While throwing the 5 year old around I could catch some very nice shots. (Flying around and stuff)
    Not sure how fast and agile your newborn is but catching shots of my cat running around went pretty fine also.

    I do use pre-focus a lot (pressing the button halfway to lock the focus) and the recharge time for the flash did make me miss some nice shots.
    But to be honest.. Just being able to give the cam to kids without the need to worry they brake it does a lot.

    It’s always in my bag and I’ve made shots I would’ve never taken with a less though camera. (on the slopes doing all kind of crazy stuff, in the pool for scuba classes, my niece diving down under water to grab the camera from the pool bottom)

    I do know this camera doesn't have the best quality of images but I do believe that this shouldn't be its main purpose. This is one to have a lot of fun with without the need to worry you’ll break it.

  • katie February 8, 2010 12:20 am

    ok waterproof, tough but will it catch my 18 month old who moves like a rocket?!

  • feridun January 28, 2010 03:38 am

    yes ? have the olympus u tough 8000 an absolute perfect camera as earl?ar ment?oned ?ts currently be?ng used full t?me ?n ?ts handy pouch. had purchased ?t from korea..one of the best pe?ces of technolog?cal advances ever..

  • Chris January 13, 2010 03:26 am

    Just got back from Fiji and this camera failed in its first time underwater. Straight out of the box and it failed. Had an old Olympus that is 3 years old and it is still going well. Not impressed with the new one.

  • Sime January 6, 2010 01:49 am

    Robert, I can't comment either way - I've had cameras with better image quality at 8mp... Just one thing I don't want you to mistake... It's not about the megapixel count... a 2mp camera with a decent size sensor / decent lens will take a better image than a 12mp compact in all but very few cases - Remember the Nikon dSLR when it was first released in what, 1990? It took a brilliant picture... much more superior to most compacts today...

    megapixels don't equal quality. (Infact, I think it was one of OLympus' techs that said over 12mp was a waste)

    Make sure the lens cover is ultra clear - I found that to be a factor when focussing / getting a sharp image.

  • Robert Jackson January 5, 2010 08:58 pm

    In addition to the camera's vulnerability under water, the quality of the images it produces even on dry land is mediocre. Despite its "12 mexapixels", I have been exptremely disappointed with the sharpness of the images. I would not recommend that anyone purchase this camera with the idea that it could serve as an "all-in-one" vacation camera.

  • Kim December 13, 2009 06:22 pm

    I bought this camera before a really long trip/vacation/ overseas work placement and wanted something that would take some abuse. Mind you I had taken it to the beach a few times, in the rain, etc. I bought it in March when it was first released and in July it finally broke. First the images became hazy then the LCD screen turned black and white and fuzzy. The underwater light sensor was always on and I wasn't sure what could be happening to it because I was still able to charge the battery and upload pictures.. and the actual photos came out looking fine. I put it away for a few months until I took it out again in September and it worked fine. Then I brought it to the beach and the thing had crapped out on me once again as soon as I took it into the water. I opened up the battery compartment and lo and behold, WATER and SAND! I'm assuming that water had been in there since July & that the water had corroded my 8 gig memory card and it ruined the battery. I sent it back to Canada (where I had purchased it) and I'm still awaiting for my new replacement. Apparently there are a batch of the the tough8000 with defective battery covers/rubbers so I would make sure you all test yours.

    The camera was great when it worked, I loved all the functions... I am now temporarily replacing it with a Sony DSC-w290

  • polu1980 December 3, 2009 10:05 am

    One thing I have to share with you guys. Few days ago I dropped Olympus 8000 while paddleboarding out of Key West FL. The water wasn't too cold and not really deep but the bottom was all seagrass so I never found the camera that day. Two days later I managed to borrow underwater metal detector from my pro-diver friend and we found the camera. It was sitting two days on the bottom in a saltwater and everything works just fine, I have a really nice picture of myself right after I found it back with a metal detector in my hand. That story really proves that the camera is tough!!

  • Science, Gadgets and Technology Info December 1, 2009 01:33 pm

    Love the specifications of the product. I am into taking pictures in outdoors and I have a problem worrying my camera might be destroyed.

  • Edwin van der Geld November 26, 2009 07:21 pm

    Just got this one for free as a replacement for my mju-770.
    Eager to test it and see how that tapping works.

    About the warranty..
    My 770 (an older brother of this one) had some leakage just before the warranty (2 years) expired. It got to the dealer on the week it expired. EEK!
    Today I received this version as a free replacement.
    I must say I was completely baffled!

    My complements to Olympus and Foto Booms in Amsterdam.


  • amy October 23, 2009 10:54 am

    it's me again. thanks for answering, keithc.

    in that case, my next question would be to buy 'for the picture'? or to buy for 'form and size of the camera'? hmmmm.... and of course, the price. =D

  • Keithc October 21, 2009 04:23 pm

    I have owned both of these cameras. The 8000 has a few extra features (12 mp versus 10; antishake; tap control; beauty mode) and a few bug fixes (eg sound removed in underwater movies) but by and large those features don't count for much and they are basically the same camera. Same poor picture quality and same suspect waterproofing. If you must choose between the two I would go for the cheapest one. Otherwise, get a Panasonic.

  • amy October 21, 2009 11:33 am

    between this Tough 8000 and the 'old' olympus stylus 1030 SW, what are the general differences between them?

    i want to buy soon but now i am confused.:)

  • hster September 17, 2009 02:50 pm


    I have the Stylus 790SW and have been agonizing over which newer model to upgrade to. Does anyone know what the actual waterproof seal failure rate of Olympus Tough series as it appears there are slightly more complaints on amazon than there is for the older models.

    I've happily used my 790SW on numerous snorkeling trips. By following the cleaning instructions carefully I have been able to eke by without having the seals serviced. Recently I've noticed that there are few dew drops leaking in when I open the battery door. I was going to get the Tough 8000, but now I think it makes more sense just buy 1050SW for $170 and then replace it again in another two years instead of getting them serviced for $100.

    Any comments would be much appreciated.


  • Jeff September 11, 2009 07:32 am

    Yes! i LOVE this camera! just used it on a trip to an Island here in the Country, Palawan, and we used this camera for some shots in the underground cave skinny diving and Island Hopping etc... brilliant! just what I intended for use... Perfect... remember this is not a DSLR camera. really like the fee of the camera... its just solid... LOVE the design... Just Perfect for a Point and Shot day to day use camera... and by the way, a very attractive camera in town

  • Jeff September 11, 2009 07:11 am

    Yes! i LOVE this camera! just used it on a trip to an Island here in the Country, Palawan, and we used this camera for some shots in the underground cave skinny diving and Island Hopping etc... brilliant! just what I intended for use... Perfect... remember this is not a DSLR camera. really like the fee of the camera... its just solid... LOVE the design... Just Perfect for a Point and Shot day to day use camera...

  • dilsiri August 5, 2009 04:39 pm

    is it normal to have some droplets inside the seal area of the camera?

  • Gary August 5, 2009 01:17 am

    Regarding leaks, no one is mentioning the temperature of the water. If the camera goes from a high temp. to a much lower one, say into a cold creek or river, then there will be a significant reduction in internal pressure that might actually suck the water into the camera.
    I don't have one of these but this may be mentioned in the operating manual??

  • dilsiri welikala July 20, 2009 03:37 am

    hi, into extreme sport. the question was dslr vs a digi - now that i might go for digi, is it the cannon d10 waterproof or this?

  • Sime July 13, 2009 08:57 pm

    Hey Marcie, I'm really sorry to hear that - I certainly gave mine a hiding and it held up just fine. Make sure you chase Olympus on this - I'm sure they'll sort the problem for you, though, that won't help with your lack of holiday photos. Terrible news.


  • Marcie July 13, 2009 04:22 pm

    I bought a Tough 8000 Olympus 2 days ago for my family vacation in Hawaii. I took it snorkeling yesterday and after about 10 minutes it quit working. I followed the instructions to a T before getting in to the water. I'm totally bummed because I am teaching my 72 yr old father to snorkel and now ..... no pics!!! It's the only camera I brought with me. I assumed that a $475 camera would be reliable.

  • Keithc July 9, 2009 09:57 am


    I have seen reports where people have dived (or dropped their cameras) in depths greater than 10 m with the Olympus 1030 and no housing. The camera didn't leak, but the functions stop working due to pressure on the buttons. Once in shallower water, the camera functions again. Same principle with the 3 m cameras. Using your rule of thumb, the 3 m cameras would falter at 750 mm, which they don't. Also, you would be aware that water pressure increases more at depth than in the shallows.

    In any case, most of the reports of these cameras leaking state that it happened in shallow water less than a metre or two, so it's not a pressure related issue. Really, all these cameras are meant for snorkelling only. Scuba divers ought to be using a real camera, with underwater housing.

  • mikeh July 9, 2009 02:53 am

    Just so everyone's clear - "10m" doesn't mean to can dive to 10m with the camera. Divide by 4 to get the more reasonable value.

    The same is true of divers' watches - never buy a "50m" divers watch when diving to 50m. Always go for the 200m ones.

    The reason is that as soon as you move the gadget, the water pressure increases on the leading surface. 4x is a good rule-of-thumb to go by.

  • Keithc June 29, 2009 12:26 pm

    I have the Tough 8000 by default - Olympus replaced it for my Tough 1030 which leaked - actually I had two 1030s replaced for leaking prior to that. I'm not that confident with this camera, especially since the seals seem identical to those of the 1030. Anyway, it stood 3 hours snorkelling out on the reef yesterday, so fingers crossed! If you take this camera underwater, I would recommend to follow the manual instructions to the letter, and then some. Make sure you wash the camera out in fresh water, dry it properly , and check the seals for sand, etc before using again.

    Apart from the potential leaking issue, picture quality of this camera is about par with the earlier version - not that great, but underwater shots and movie are pretty good. The new plug-in battery charger is cumbersome, but I heard some versions still come with the old external battery charger. Trouble with the new charger is that it uses the same USB plug as the photo transfer cable, which is separate - therefore you can't transfer photos while on charge, neither can you charge the battery from the computer USB connection like an ipod. All too complex, and the plug is also non-standard so if you lose/break these cables you are in trouble. Pity the USB plug is not in the same compartment with the battery/XD Card, so that you would only have to worry about one seal leaking rather than two. This is poor design.

    xD cards are slow, even the M+ ones. You can use SDHC micro cards via an adapter, and the panorama and long movie modes still work. Olympus seems to think this is something special, even though all other cameras have had these features standard for years. Trouble is the SDHC-xD adapter has a special tab that prevents it from being read in an xD card reader slot!

    Olympus seems to have gone out of their way to make this camera annoying, but they don't have the field to themselves anymore, and the new waterproof cameras from Canon and Panasonic seem to be much better in many respects.

  • EnglishTeacher June 3, 2009 11:17 am

    Sime, thanks for the review. My Tough8000 came Friday. I have used it quite a bit since then and the battery finally died this evening ... Tuesday. How many pictures? I don't know. I deleted a bunch in camera as not worthy of saving. I downloaded 87 this evening. As small as this battery is, I'm impressed.

    I bought the 8000 to use every day. I just can't carry my D70 around all the time, and I have missed a lot of really good pictures because of that fact. I am impressed with the photo quality. No, it's not a DSLR. It never will be. No, I don't plan on taking it to 33 ft below the water surface. But, I do want a camera I can carry in my pocket all day and not worry about it getting broken. I do want a camera I can use in the rain without carrying a ziploc baggie to protect it. So far, the Olympus Tough8000 fits the bill.

    PS: Sime, I bought the camera on the basis of the last line of your review!

  • Theja May 22, 2009 11:21 pm

    sorry i am again. How long can I stay underwater with my Stylus tough 8000

  • Theja May 22, 2009 10:59 pm

    I am from SRI LANKA. I am thinking of buying Olympus 8000. But i heard that its picture quality is bad when in low light. Is it correct. and i want to know how is the battery life. and also want to know that, can i take 7, 8, 10 Megapixel shots.
    Thank U

  • Lozboz May 12, 2009 02:35 am

    Thanks Doug, some very useful comments there that support my experience.

    I'mnow in the market for a new water/dust resistant camera. My wife accidentally dropped (strap broke) our 1030SW in a river recently. Whilst the water was only 4 feet deep it was very muddy and a 'big' river, so locating it proved impossible. There's something irksome about losing a waterproof camera in water...just knowing that if you could find it that it would probably still work!

    I really don't know which one to go for, they all seem a compromise. I agree with your point about the conditions they can operate under.

  • Doug May 12, 2009 01:30 am

    These Oly "indestructible" cameras have somewhat of a reputation for substandard image quality, but I believe that's due to the camera's use of heavy noise reduction at ISO 400 and up, combined with an auto-ISO system that almost never goes below ISO 400 even in broad daylight.

    I've found on my 1030SW that if I keep it in Programmed Exposure mode (camera icon on the mode dial, "P" indicator on the LCD display) and force the ISO down to 200 at most, I get nice results.

    The Programmed Exposure mode is the only "dry" mode in which you can control the ISO setting, so if you want sharp photos that's the mode that you'll want to leave the camera in. (The Underwater Wide and Underwater Macro scene modes also allow ISO selection.)

    Of course, in low light without flash you need to use the higher ISOs. And of course you'll pay for that with noise and lost sharpness. In some of the modes, the engineers recognized that sharpness would be seriously compromised and they force the JPEG size down to 1/4 resolution max (3 megapixels on my 12 mpix 1030SW). At the higher ISOs you'll get good 4x6s and maybe 5x7s, but don't expect much more than that.

    But in the end, the point of these cameras is that they can take at least [i]some[/i] kind of photos under conditions in which other cameras would leave you with no photos at all.

  • Josh April 17, 2009 01:39 am

    TB, What was the explaination? Why was it not covered under warranty? Where did you take it in the water? The depth indicator is more a tool to deny warranty coverage than a tool to be used by the photographer, as far as I can tell. Were you well below 10m depth?

  • Jeremiah April 16, 2009 12:15 pm

    This is actually an upgrade from the 1030 SW with almost exactly the same features. I got the 1030 SW a few weeks ago because the 8000 wasn't out yet then. So far I've used it in the shower and dropped it once and it's fine. One thing you need to take caution with is to make sure when you close the battery / USB compartments that there's no hair strand or any dirt/dust on the rubber sealer or the waterproof feature will be useless. Very nice camera if you do a lot of extreme stuff, and makes a perfect traveling companion.

  • TB April 15, 2009 05:17 pm

    I bought a Mju tough 8000 on the 6th of March. Three weeks later, after its second time underwater (9m), it failed to work (won't turn on at all).

    I sent it back to Olympus in North Ryde for repair, along with an explanation of its purchase date, use, and failure.

    Just today, instead of the expected apology for the obvious defect and an either new or repaired camera, I got an estimate back of almost the original price of the camera to repair it.

    I lost a lot of faith in Olympus today. Not only did their product completely fail while operating within its intended specifications, the company failed to do the right thing about it.

  • Sime April 14, 2009 10:48 am

    artsyrebelle! That's really disappointing to hear, Make sure you take it back and please let me know what happens!... Mine has had a right hiding and is still going just fine.


  • artsyrebelle April 13, 2009 11:46 pm

    I recently bought an Olympus Mju Tough 8000. I've used it twice underwater two weeks ago when i went snorkeling and swimming on a beach. It was alright then. I even accidentally dropped it from a height of around 0.7m and it still worked fine. Earlier this day though, I used it again underwater - went swimming on a cold freshwater creek - and to my disappointment, the view got all blurry after less than 10 minutes of its use. Apparently some water molecules were able to seep through the inside resulting in a moisture build up despite having the usb and battery covers locked properly. I could still view the pictures taken but I could no longer take clear photos.

  • Dee yan April 11, 2009 09:34 pm

    On ice, Sir? Yes it's Ok on ice but not OK on fire.

  • Diyan April 11, 2009 09:32 pm

    This camera is shockproof to 2m, yes it is though, but i doubt it

  • jay March 30, 2009 05:45 pm

    I want one!

  • James March 29, 2009 08:20 am

    I have the stylus 770sw, an earlier model of this camera.
    The camera has already endured more abuse the the two cameras before it (destroyed by shock and water) including a 3 ft drop to the sidewalk.
    Like all ultra compact cameras, the image quality is on the grainy side, but still adequate for snapshots and postcard size prints.
    Olympus recommends replacing the waterproof packing and seals annually by a qualified Olympus Repair center.

  • Rajev March 28, 2009 03:41 am

    This camera seems like a combination of Michelangelo and Bruce Lee to me. Maybe someday I'll have one...............

  • Matthew Miller March 22, 2009 09:53 am

    Tim — if it can stand up to that (and by the specs, it seems like it should) that'd be an awesome TV commercial.

  • Tim Linden March 21, 2009 11:24 pm

    So its water proof.. Will it hold up in a washing machine? My wife tends to get things in the washing machine like cameras and phones.. But I wonder if water + being thrown around rapidly = disaster..

  • Michael March 21, 2009 11:59 am

    i love these tough olympus cameras! i recently purchased a stylus 1050 sw, and i absolutely loved it, almost as much as i love my canon slr. but when i found out you have to get the seals replaced yearly, that just killed it for me, considering how it costs $101.85 to get them replaced....not worth it to me. maybe if i were a millionaire.

  • snargles March 21, 2009 12:47 am

    Kudos to you, Sime, for the Stevie Smith reference.

  • Sime March 20, 2009 10:41 pm


    Check it out here... Straight out of camera...



  • Lozboz March 20, 2009 09:29 am

    What's the image quality like? I have an earlier version and cannot fault the solid construction and 'take anywhere' ability.

    However, the image quality is not good, smeary and lacking in contrast. Acceptable when it's taking photos where others can't, but I wouldn't use it as my everyday camera.

  • M?rti?š March 20, 2009 02:06 am

    xD card was stopping me, but microSD sounds great!