Facebook Pixel Nikon to Announce the Zfc, a Retro Mirrorless Camera, This Summer

Nikon to Announce the Zfc, a Retro Mirrorless Camera, This Summer

Nikon to announce the retro mirrorless Zfc

For months, we’ve had hints of a second Nikon Z-mount APS-C camera, frequently dubbed the “Z30” – and according to Nikon Rumors, that camera “is real and will be announced soon.”

But it will not be a standard, entry-level APS-C camera to match the Nikon Z50 or the Nikon D3500. Instead, the new Nikon mirrorless model, now referred to as the “Nikon Zfc,” will be a retro-style camera reminiscent of 20th-century film bodies as well as Nikon’s only retro DSLR, the Df:

Nikon Zfc rumors Df image
The Nikon Df is a retro-style DSLR and likely bears a resemblance to the upcoming Nikon Zfc.

Here’s what you can expect in terms of design, based on Nikon Rumors reporting:

  • Mechanical dials (likely for ISO, shutter speed, and exposure compensation)
  • A fully-articulating screen
  • A “very thin camera body without a handgrip” and a “Nikon Df-inspired design”
  • “Shape and handling similar to old Nikon FM cameras”

Of course, any mirrorless model from Nikon will undoubtedly pack Nikon’s latest and greatest technology, from Eye AF and fast continuous shooting speeds to a powerful electronic viewfinder and an articulating touchscreen. And Nikon Rumors does claim the Zfc will offer capabilities similar to that of the Z50, a robust but well-priced APS-C camera featuring a respectable 21 MP sensor and an 11 frames-per-second burst mode.

But as film (and Fujifilm) shooters know, the photography experience on a retro-style body is wildly different from what you get on a standard DSLR or mirrorless camera. I’m a big fan of film-inspired designs, myself – the dials force you to slow down and really appreciate your settings, plus they make everything feel more real. And with the Zfc, you’ll get the best of both worlds: the tactile, mechanical ergonomics of a film camera, combined with the impressive speed and efficiency of a 2021 mirrorless camera.

While the Zfc is still only a rumored camera, and while the announcement and release date are technically unknown, Nikon Rumors is pushing a June 28th announcement date and expects the camera to begin shipping on July 31st.

The older Nikon Z50 currently sells for around $850 USD, body only, or $900 USD with a basic kit lens, and you can expect a slightly higher price for the Nikon Zfc; Nikon Rumors claims $999 USD (with a kit lens included).

So keep an eye out for the Nikon Zfc announcement later this month, especially if you like the sound of a reasonably priced, retro-style camera that can use Nikon Z lenses!

Now over to you:

Are you excited by the prospect of a retro-style camera from Nikon? Or would you have preferred a standard entry-level mirrorless camera? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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