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Nikon Launching Two New Mirrorless Cameras in 2020


While Canon’s soon-to-debut mirrorless offerings have dominated the news, we have a new Nikon rumor to report:

The imaging company will release two mirrorless cameras before the year is out.

While the details of these cameras are uncertain, previous rumors have indicated that a Nikon Z8 is currently under development; this will be a “pro” body à la the Nikon D850 series, one that features a 60 MP sensor, a rugged build, and dual card slots.

And given that the Z8 has been given a suggested “late 2020” or “early 2021” release date, such a camera would certainly fit the bill.

As for the second model, Nikon Rumors suggests several possibilities. These include a Z30, which would be an APS-C mirrorless body with no viewfinder, and would sit under Nikon’s only current APS-C mirrorless offering, the Z50.

Additional options include a Nikon Z6 successor, which would fit with a standard two-year launch cycle (the Z6 launched back in fall of 2018), or a Nikon Z5, a lower-level alternative to the Z6.

The Nikon Z8 may debut in 2020

Given that Nikon’s current mirrorless lineup only consists of a Z50, a Z6, and a Z7, Nikon fans will appreciate any additional options. A Z30 model would make a lot of sense, given Nikon’s complete lack of a true budget mirrorless model. But the Z lineup is also missing a lower-end full-frame camera to compete with the Canon EOS RP or even the upcoming Canon EOS R6, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see the so-called Z5, either.

Here’s the bottom line:

If you’re a professional looking for a true “pro” mirrorless camera from Nikon, you’ll probably be seeing it before the year is out. And if you don’t get a Z8 in 2020, it’ll almost certainly drop in the first half of 2021.

Also, if you’re a hobbyist DSLR shooter waiting for a budget mirrorless option from Nikon, you may be in luck; the Z5 will probably be a nice upgrade from several current Nikon DSLRs, while the Z30 will make for a cheap way to break into the mirrorless world.

Now over to you:

Which Nikon mirrorless models are you hoping for in 2020? And which do you think is more likely: a Nikon Z5, a Nikon Z30, or a Nikon Z6 replacement? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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