Facebook Pixel Nikon Z8 60 MP Mirrorless Camera Rumored, Along With D850 Successor

Nikon Z8 60 MP Mirrorless Camera Rumored, Along With D850 Successor


In the wake of so many major Canon mirrorless rumors and announcements, it’d be excusable if you had started to shift attention away from Nikon’s mirrorless program, especially since it’s been over a year since Nikon put out a full-frame mirrorless camera.

But no more.

We have a new Nikon rumor to report, one that offers a truly exciting prospect for Nikon mirrorless shooters:

A so-called Nikon Z8, which will supposedly have a whopping 60 MP sensor, along with dual card slots (one CF and one SD). Nikon Rumors reports that the camera will also feature a “vertical grip option, pro body” and a “higher price tag.”

Apparently, we should also expect a Nikon D850 replacement “maybe” in 2021, which will also have a 60 MP sensor.

This is excellent news for Nikon fans, especially those who were critical of Nikon’s decision to put a single card slot in its Z6 and Z7 bodies. Photographers who felt unable to make the switch to mirrorless due to a need for redundancy will be free to choose between the Z8 and Nikon’s professional DSLR bodies such as the Nikon D5, the Nikon D6, the Nikon D850, and the D850’s successor.

Nikon Z8 60 MP Mirrorless Camera Rumored, Along With D850 Successor


Clearly, Nikon is planning to go toe-to-toe with Sony’s A7R series, which currently features a 61 MP flagship model and is a favorite among photographers requiring top-of-the-line resolution, such as landscape, commercial, and product shooters. The Z8 will potentially also compete with the upcoming Canon R5, which is rumored to offer a 45 MP sensor and may be positioned as a mirrorless 5D Mark IV successor, potentially packing the low-light capabilities of the 5D Mark IV but adding mirrorless features such as ultra-fast shooting speeds and in-body image stabilization.

Of course, resolution isn’t everything, and it remains to be seen whether Nikon will manage to produce a camera that can go beyond the impressive Z6 and Z7.

But at least Nikon shooters will have something to hang on to over the coming months.

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